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Drink 2x Daily to Shrink and Reshape!
by Michele Pryce

We have the number one meal replacement shake as rated outside of our Company with 40 million plus customers worldwide in 80 countries. We really are your go to place for all of your health and personal care needs.

If you want to ramp up your weight loss efforts and ensure your long-term success you will need to follow the ultimate program like I do taking two shakes a day along with a few supplements. Call toll free 1-888-451-4917 to request more information about this program and I will give you a call back (North American residents only). I can assure you my dimples have not been seen in years! I have lost 25 pounds and 20 plus inches using these products.

I would be pleased to offer you a further discount of 15% off (my retail stores for Canada and the US are always discounted at 10% off) for a combined total savings of 25% off for a limited time expiring on January 31, 2012. Please pick up the coupon entitled Gift.

The access code to the retail store is healthy.

I am so looking forward to being your Personal Wellness Coach, in your corner, cheering you on to better health. I am still moving forward too with my weight loss goals - together we can do this!

Wishing you a healthy journey for 2012! Take care, Michele (MVP)
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