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About Page I believe you will enjoy helping Charities Prosper along with all those who make it happen!
Life Changing Income
by Jerry Van Horssen

This is about helping all that are less fortunate than I am. We are supporting an ongoing effort to make a differnce in others lives.

Would you be willing, one time, to Spend $59.00 to Help the Poor & Needy and along the way, possibly Make A Life Changing Income?

Ron's vision before he passed on was for Charities to Prosper along with all those who make it happen! Everyone who joins World Light is a part of The Blessing and a part of The Answer to Ron's Dream. May we all realize God's Grace in our lives and His Love for Everyone We Touch!

At the same time as you're making money you're also helping Charities. When you sign-up you choose one of twenty-one world renowned charities or you supply information for a legitimate charity of your choice and as when you receive a check your Charity also receives a check equivalent to 10% of the check you receive. This 10% to the Charity of your choice is paid by World Light and doesn't affect your income, what-so-ever.

Some of the Biggest Marketers in the World have begun Marketing so, Get In Now and Enjoy The Fruits Of Their Efforts & Successes!

What do these people know about World Light that you don’t? Members Willie Crawford, Michael Glaspie, Phil Basten, Jane Mark, Alan Bechtold All of these marketing legends are working to make you money in World Light!

The only system in the world that will actually put them to work for you.

The World Light History 20 minute Recording 218-844-8799 Pin-593618## (hit #twice)

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