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About Page This page deals with the principle of forgiveness and inner healing.
Forgiveness and Physical Healing.
by Vonrick Graham

Suppose you were unfortunate enough to have suffered a serious wound, one that required stitches. The doctor recommended a course of antibiotics and complete bed rest.

The question is, would you uncover, expose and go around showing everyone the wound? I am certain that this would not be your response for a speedy recovery. Many people, however; having been hurt by word or deed approach life in the same manner.

There is not a human being alive that has not been wounded by some other person or persons. One does not have to look far to see the effects the lack of forgiveness has on the human family. In the work place, family, clubs, in fact wherever people congregate dis-functional relationships exist.

Many people live their lives wounded by some person or persons and healing has been a long time in coming simply because they have chosen to uncover, expose and display their wounds rather than forgive.

As a Christian I espouse the clearly enunciated principle in Mark 11: 25 " and when you stand praying forgive if you have a grudge againts any so that your father which is in heaven may forgive your trespasses."

The full import of this passage is not evident until we delve into the significance of our thoughts upon the human machinery. Each of our thoughts has a corresponding electrochemical link or reaction in our brain. When we think happy thoughts specific types of chemicals or neurotransmitters called endorphins are released. When we are angry, hurt, afraid or fearful different types of chemicals are produced and these prove to be toxic and they create the environment for a host of health problems.

Research has shown that around 87% of all illnesses can be traced to our thought life. Medical science has directly linked emotions such as anger, resentment and depression to migraines, hypertension, strokes, cancer and infections. If you doubt these findings just look around. How many people in excellent have died after a divorce,job loss or tragic death in the family.

Forgiveness frees our system of negative chemicals and instead produces "feel good chemicals". No surprise that many have testified after forgiving someone that they feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Forgiveness is free, beneficial, cholesterol free and energizes the system. Chocolate anyone?
There are several reasons why we experience negative growth in health,finances or business the entire concept around my website is to provide a resource for any person to find harmony in life. Live well view
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