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Do you remember the saying “Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten.”? For me, that’s true when it comes to nutrition, because at that young age, all I probably knew about nutrition and my diet was that veggies were good for me. (I had to eat my vegetables at dinner every night!) But it seems that everything I’ve learned about nutrition since kindergarten has been pretty much a big fat lie!

I grew up on margarine, skim milk, and low fat foods. I grew up thinking carbs were good for me and ‘diet’ foods would make me skinny. Where do you think all that got me (and just about all the rest of the U.S. population too)? Not skinny, that’s for sure! Our obsession for ‘diet’ food has not served us well. If I’ve heard right, the U.S.A. has an obesity epidemic. How sad it that? :(

So it’s time to change that sad fact. It’s time to throw out what we were told growing up regarding health and nutrition. It’s time to realize that ‘diet’ foods aren’t going to make us skinny. There’s a new doctor in town, and there’s new evidence that a high fat diet can get us healthy and skinny! Eating high fat foods, along with low carbs and medium protein, is the way to go. This ‘new’ way of eating is called a ketogenic lifestyle. (Let’s get rid of the word ‘diet’ and make it a lifestyle instead.)

A ketogenic lifestyle, eating the ketogenic way, can put your body into a state of nutritional ketosis. This is a good thing because then your body burns your own fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates. And this in turn can help you lose inches and weight and can provide more energy too. Who wouldn’t want these amazing ketosis side effects!?!

Until recently, getting into nutritional ketosis was known to take a number of days of eating A LOT of vegetables and an extremely limited amount of carbs. This was difficult for most people and was probably a good reason why a ketogenic lifestyle hasn’t been very popular. But that’s all behind us now. And it’s easier to live a ketogenic lifestyle than ever before. We have a new, all-natural product that can put you into nutritional ketosis in a matter of hours – not days! It’s an amazing 10-day body reset kit that people are using and shedding up to ½ to 1 pound a day and losing inches too. Along with the 10-day ketosis program kit, we have a 20-day guide to help you live a ketogenic lifestyle during the rest of the month too.

There’s a lot of information out there on ketosis and a ketogenic lifestyle, so check it out. And check out our 10-day reset ketosis program kit too so you can get results fast. To BURN FAT, LOSE INCHES, and SHED WEIGHT FAST, visit and get started today!
Linda Harrison is a network marketing professional, engineer, mediator, mentor, coach, author, wife, and mother. She lives in Southern California with her husband. To contact Linda, visit:
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