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About Page This is my personal life struggle and DREAMS/GOALS, to do my part to help make this world a better place.
I Can't Give Up!
by Help For Business Charity

I have struggled my entire life to fulfill my goals, and once my dream was at my grasp. I lost my job which I LOVED in 2009 because I re-injured myself causing me to get surgery 2010 for a Torn Ligament/Labrum tear. But I have a few other disabilities aside from that surgery that prevented me from returning to the workforce. I am on Social Security which does not pay much. Also had another surgery this past August 2012 for a Benign Tumor. I may require another surgery for another Labrum Tear on the other side.Since I cannot do the type of work that I LOVE to provide for my family I have found another way that may help me feel just as useful. That is if I could only afford to do all of this and pick it up off the ground that would be my DREAM come TRUE!

It would be to start my own Home-Based Business & Non-Profit Organization. Where I would use hold fundraisers providing my services from my business to help raise funds to aid Charities around the country. The only problem is that I am drowning in debt, after having had nearly perfect credit. So I cannot clear up my bad credit and try to save up because there is not much left over. I have always wanted to help others and I have and do when I can. But know I am struggling just to stay afloat.

I am not trying to take advantage of anyone here, but I know that I cannot do this alone. And I've always dreamed of creating my own Charitable Organization to help those in need, and I feel that it truly is possible with your help.
Any help of any kind is greatly appreciated. GOD BLESS and to GOOD HEALTH!!

Thank You!
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