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kids know the darndest things...yeah?‏
by Winston Chen

What do you think would happen if you gave a kid
a Rotary Phone and asked them to call a number?

...You remember them Rotary Phones right?

You've got to put your finger in the little hole that
corresponds with the right number, then spin the
little dial around! Old school right?

Recently they did this little experiment with kids
and these 'old school' phones...

And the results?

These kids couldn't even figure out how to use the
thing at all! Not even close!

Now today, a 1 yr. old can figure out your password,
access the app store, and beat your high score on
Angry Birds! Argh...

They're hip to the 'NEW' technology, even though it's
much more complex.

Why don't they know how to use a basic phone too?
Because, it's old school. It's outdated. They don't get
it. That's why it just doesn't work in today's world.

It doesn't FIT in anymore.

Painful to say it, but I see many businesses today
trying to still use outdated methods(like the Rotary
Phone) in their marketing.

And they wonder why they're not succeeding?

Worse off, the 'goo-roos' are still teaching these
outdated methods because that's all they know!

These wannabe's are sorta like the founder of
the Rotary Phone, stuck in 1990 trying to teach
Apple how to 'Innovate'.

Ain't gonna happen chief!

...Used to be, getting converting high quality traffic
was easy and cheap.

Not anymore.

...Used to be, getting affiliates with big names and
a big following to get on board to promote your
product wasn't too difficult.

Not anymore.

...Used to be, getting Noticed in the marketplace
and grabbing a share of sales for yourself wasn't
too hard either... But once again...

Not anymore.

Times are-a-changing!

Smart marketers today first consider Economics.

They start with the end in mind. How much can
they potentially earn in their funnel?

How can they afford to spend the MOST on traffic
and still make a lot of money?

What type of High Ticket Offers that their list will
LOVE can they integrate into their business?

And so on...

I suggest you do the same thing, 'IF' you're serious
about profiting online this year and breaking away
from the pack of mediocrity.

Step 1: ??

Consider Economics!

It's the basic and essential first step you must take
in this new economy.

In short? Ask:

'What does my High Ticket Back-end Funnel look

Even more simply put? 'How can I go from earning
tiny commissions off of $47 and $97 sales, and get
commissions all the way up to $15,000 per sale?
And... With it all done for me on the back-end.'

...Fulfillment, support, the actual selling, everything.

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One of the utmost ingredient to the finish line is Never, Never, Never, Never, Give Up
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