Online data storage versus external hard drives  
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Why you should consider Online data storage versus external hard drives
by David Gardner

If you have ever lost a document or other digital type of file, whether music, photos, reports or similar, it can be extremely frustrating.

Only you know the efforts that you took pro-actively to secure the file, through saving it on your computer in the first place, though what happens when the unthinkable occurs.

Perhaps it is stolen, or something spills on it and destroys the hard drive. You might be looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars in recovery fees and the purchase of a new computer.

While thumb, usb, or jump drives (as they have many names) can be extremely useful, they also have their problems and can be damaged. I have used 4 external hard drives in my back and forth to work...because the previous three all had their own issues, from poor cord connections to just not working any more.

I am sure if you take one of your old drives and try to open it in a computer something might not be there that you thought should be there. They are good while they last, though you should know that their life expectancy is not long.

I am not totally going to stop using them, though I have started to access the online data strorage options more recently as they can be backed up by multiple servers and provide an extra layer of protection and security in the sense that if my computer crashed, I could access those files from anywhere in the world as long as I had internet access.

Some services offer a free gigabyte of space, others up to 10GB, though if you are a normal human being these days, you most likely have much more stored on your computers and smartphones with your favorite seflies, music and videos of life events that you would be crushed if they were lost.

Take the time and look into your options to see what is best for you and your family and be sure to click on the link below to go to my blog and find out my two suggestions for online and external drives. Just click the search icon and enter "2 Necessary Data Storage methods: Unlimited online versus external hard drives"

Happy saving!
David Gardner has used both online storage and external hard drives for their convenience. You can find more tips about marketing tools and training at where is runs a blog on what he is passionate about.
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