Protection from EMF  
About Page Save a Child's life! You can help! Parents need to be warned about this preventable danger! You can help with a few clicks of your mouse.
Save a Child's life, with a few clicks of your mouse!
by Kill Bill energy Bill Visit that site, Like that site, Promote that site! WHY!
It starts with; why for me as well.

Over the summer I was asked to participate in a fundraiser for a little girl with Leukemia. That was spiritually rewarding but at the same time brought to my attention the possible preventable cause.

EMF radiation. What is EMF?
Electromagnetic radiation field is the definition.
What are the sources of EMF?
Wi-Fi, Cellular phones, house wiring, microwave ovens, TV and even the sun.

There is a conspiracy bigger than the tobacco industry's of the 1950s-1970s!

Now before you roll your eyes and think that I am off my rocker, please check out the facts...Rather than state them here I have assembled authority documents from over 500 Scientists world wide.

Protection from EMF is about Saving children from suffering needlessly. We need your help. What can you do? Simple, visit the site. Use the power of Sokule to spread the work. Tweeting, Liking, Google +

Who knows your actions may just save a child. Your visit could save your own child's life!

Join my team! If you do I will give the first 10 Sokule members a fully functional website the mirrors protection from EMF.It's valued at over $7,500.00. I will host it and set it up for you free.

Contact me and I will share the details. Let's work together to save lives.

Imagine! Saving children by just clicking your mouse! What's stopping you? is how to get in touch we me. The website is

Do your part save a child today! All it takes is a few click of your mouse!
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