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What Would you Do If you Suddenly Became Blind?
by Joan Lane Lewis
Exactly what would you do if you became blind? This is what I did, particularly given that I was not able to do the job I had for the last 30 years. Since I love to write, I began a journal, because my DOCTOR needed to know just what I was experiencing with this unusual eye condition I have. Now you are speculating how I write if I am blind? Excellent question. I have an extremely minimal quantity of vision in my left eye, and absolutely nothing in my right eye. I practically fell down my stairways in the house realizing this issue. A problem that has now been 3 years, and a great deal of inquiries of "Exactly what am I going to do now?" An additional concern in my mind though perplexed me. There are many blind individuals around in the world, "Exactly how do they spend their day?" I started to study well-known blind people. Helen Keller is my hero. As you know, or if you don't? Helen Keller could not read, hear or speak when she was born. Me? I was only losing my vision, and had to re-invent myself. If Helen Keller could live life, so can I. I decided to write a book. Just what kind of book though? I selected a children's book, generally as a result of a nurse at one of my several Dr appointments. She expressed what her child was going through at school merely because he wears glasses. Children in his class mocked him when they called him dreadful labels. Something else I could connect to when I was his age. As my book started to progress, I then should find a company to release it. One massive complication; I have No Money. Flat broke because I no longer had a job, Disability takes up to 6 months to obtain, and PHYSICIAN costs were piling up. That will certainly be one more tale.
Nonetheless, I didn't understand I had done the simple part. Achieving a published work is the effortless part. Just what does an author with no cash do? Does everybody understand to earn money you have to spend money? No, naturally not, everybody will enjoy this free ride, and this journey is to finally locate FREE ... dom.
I have actually just started marketing since December 18, 2012, when I fell for a get rich fast scheme. Thankfully for me some of them in fact have a refund guarantee. This is where my site "CwithMe" became available for those who do not have any money, yet would like to join the Elite of Internet Marketing.
Discover exactly how my book was developed. Plus a means to advertise my book, and assist others like me to not succumb to all the rubbish online.
This is how I decided to find the Actual Free of cost choices.
CwithMe. Short for for my children's book.
Real LifeExperience
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