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About Page Sokule provides a way for online businesses to reach 86 Social Media Sites and Targeted Blogs with just 1 click.
Sokule Is Good For Business
by Jane Mark

Sokule is the Social Media site that people turn to when they want to get their business noticed online. It gets a business branded on 87 Social Media Sites and Targeted blogs instantly .

It works a bit like Twitter where you post a message and your followers see that message but that is where the resemblance ends.

At Sokule you can post to 87 Social Media Sites and targted blogs with just 1 click.

Jane Mark, The President of Sokule, says " She never logs into Twitter or facebook or any other Social Media site anymore. She does not need to. She just goes to Sokule and anything she posts there appears instantly on Twitter and facebook and dozens of other popular Social Media sites and targeted blogs.

Sokule differs from all other Social Media sites because members can email their followers (called trackers) at Sokule.

Sokule is designed to give maximum exposure to online businesses with an economy of action .

Various membership levels exits at Sokule.
From Free to Founder. Memberships start at 9.95 per month and go up to 2495.00 for a founding lifetime membership.
Jane Mark together with her partner Phil Basten own and operate 60 Advertising sites They run a a professional online advertising agency and have been developing advertising sites for 12 years online. Sokule is their latest creation.
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