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sweet sugar smackdown:The pleasure of playing
by Michael Arouff

Have you heard of sweet Sugar Smackdown ?

You may rest assured; sweet Sugar Smackdown is not another secret way to reduce sugar in your body.

Yes I know that sugar kills and it is addictive.

Did you know that a candy cane has 14 grams of sugar?

That's huge that’s why I strongly advise people to control its usage.

What I am going to talk here is about a new game that is going to smack the world.

You see, sweet Sugar Smackdown brings a totally new experience to gamers.

Why? Because you earn real money and the game is absolutely free world wide.

You may wonder what type of game it is.

Well, if you want the saveur of the game, it is a game similar to Candy Crush only cuter and more mentally challenging.

Sweet Sugar Smackdown is a competition match 3 game.

Match 3 game or three-in-a-row is a type of game which consist of forming lining/chains group of 3 identical elements.

There are 10 levels in the game & players compete against each other for each level.

The person with the highest score progress to the next level & the rest fall back to the bottom.

Of course you can re-enter as long as there are still open spots in the final round.

Once all spots are filled for round 10, the winners are listed from highest score to lowest and the champion is announced.

As the name implies, you have to battle it out to be the winner.

Unlike many other match 3 games there are no cheats available in this game. Players win by shear skill.

If you are good at this type of game, no doubt you would make awesome lots of money which definitely can change your life.

If you want to enter the hall of fame you have the control of your destiny in your hand.

Get ready to lay the smackdown on your contenders.

Don't let others smack around, join the winners.

Sweet Sugar Smackdown is really a terrific cute simple yummy user friendly game that even the competitors got a well deserved smackdown on that one.

If you want to be the best, just start right now and go for it:
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