About Page It is definitely life-changing and non U-S based.
If you love PASSIVE, you will love this.
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Have you heard of AditNetwork?

Please check out this opportunity.
It is definitely life-changing and non U-S based.
If you love PASSIVE, you will love this.

Below are example earning fro someone who does NOT
recruit. of course, if you
decide to recruit, you will earn more.

Note: There are estimated income figures.

(1) Entry: $100 earnings would be $672 by 4th months.
(2) Entry: $300 earnings would be $2.016 by 4th months.
(3) Entry: $1,000 earnings would be $7,000 by 4th months.
(4) Entry: $2,000 earnings would be $14,560 by 4th months.
(5) Entry: $5,000 earnings would be $36,600 by 4th months.

STEP 1) Click
STEP 2) Click the "register Now" button in the top right corner of the site
STEP 3) INSERT MY SPONSOR ID into the sponsor field: 0052132
STEP 4) Fill out the entire registration form carefully. You may notice that your city may not be listed in the location part of the address. In this case, just select something close enough to where you live in order to complete the registration.
STEP 5) You will receive an email (check your spam/junk folder as well) with your login details and your own SPONSOR ID.

My ID= 0052132

15 Reasons To Choose ADIT Network

Reason 1: No Competition. Even though there are thousands upon thousands of MLM companies available on the Internet today, only a small percentage of them are advertising-related. Of those few advertising network marketing companies available, none offer the customer exposure and income potential of ADIT.

Reason 2: Evergreen Business. According to a report published 8/24/12 on (as collectively sourced by the U.S. Commerce Department, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, and ComScore, Inc.), global online sales for 2011 topped $255,600,000,000. Yes, over $255 BILLION dollars in online sales in one year! Therefore, as long as hundreds of millions of business and entrepreneurs around the world will have the need to advertise online to increase sales revenue, ADIT’s advertising services can and will certainly thrive.

Reason 3: Record-Breaking Success. Very few, if any, companies in the MLM industry can claim they were able to successfully create over 30 millionaires their first 7 months in business. ADIT did. In fact, as of September 2012, there are over 50 ADIT Affiliate Members in Asia, Canada and the U.S. that are earning between $80,000 to $800,000 per month, with several of them approaching 7-figures monthly!

Reason 4: Enhances Existing Business. No matter what business opportunity you may be involved in right now, you will eventually need to advertise it online. And since an advertising business is considered to be neutral, ADIT can compliment, or even enhance your primary business opportunity. This is because their main product (which is a global online advertising network, with geographical targeting by country and state) and exclusive internal yellow pages services (with geographical targeting in China, Canada and USA by IP address), is very effective.

Reason 5: Experienced Management Team. The ADIT management team consists of highly experienced and educated men and women with diverse business backgrounds and accolades. They also have experienced notable success in sales and network marketing. In fact, the founder and president of ADIT is top marketer in Asia and former university professor of mathematics and physics. And the management team even includes a former Wall Street executive and Former VP of Volkswagen. ADIT also employs 48 people between both their Hong Kong and Vancouver offices.

Reason 6: Goes Beyond MLM. How many MLM companies can claim that they are in the process of starting their own international hotel chain (which could easily require in excess of $100,000,000 in funding)? How many MLM companies will allow you to buy an entire regional territory and earn perpetual, geographical royalties? And how many MLM companies can give you the opportunity to earn huge 50% commissions on the sales of annual contracts ranging from $50,000 and up, or 40% on ALL retail sales no matter the size? Only ADIT can!

Reason 7: Strong Legal Team. The ADIT legal team, both in Hong Kong and Vancouver (and coming soon to the U.S.) consists of attorneys with experience in corporate, litigation, franchise, SEC and MLM law. ADIT has a vision to create a legal, long-term, sustainable business model that will last for decades.

Reason 8: Live Customer Support. The ADIT customer service department supports its Members 12-15 hours per day, 7 days per week (except weekends for the finance department), via phone support (toll-free offered to U.S. & Canadian Members), online chat support and email support.

Reason 9: Lucrative Compensation Plan. ADIT pays out 75% of revenue to active members, over 10 ways, including daily pay and daily withdrawals. Some of the ways to earn commissions are a 10-generation unilevel with daily compression; a 1:1 10% weak leg volume binary with NO INCOME CAP or flushing; a 70% rebate on all Ad Package purchases and renewals (paid out over 90-140 days average, at up to 1% daily when requirements are met), 8 generations of binary matching commissions, starting at 40%; retail profits of 60% over 3 levels, reseller profits up to 500-625%, merchant commissions of 30%, and more!

Reason 10: Semi-Passive Income. If you enjoy the idea of earning semi-passive income, look no further. ADIT offers an exclusive way for anyone to earn semi-passive income in their spare time… and that is with the addition of their unique Consumer Credits program. The CC program is totally innovative to the industry. It is a program that rewards active Members for their loyalty to ADIT (in a way that resembles the ever popular points programs offered by most major credit card companies), as a way to ensure consumer loyalty. There are incentives if they purchase from Affiliated merchant stores, or meet other loyalty requirements of the program. The nice thing about Consumer Credits is, in addition to being able to use them to purchase products & services at steep discounts through the ADIT Market Place, you can also redeem them for cash on a daily basis via member to member transactions. This is where it gets exciting! For example, when ordering your initial ad package, you are given Bonus Consumer Credits that grow in quantity over the next 120 days, by a factor of eight. In other words, for every 1 CC you own at time of Ad Package purchase, it will be worth 8 CCs 120 days later. In addition, you will also be able to purchase additional CCs any time you want. Now imagine being able to exchange these CCs for a cash value of $0.05 to $0.10 each at that time! The CC program alone has helped active Affiliate Members in Asia, Canada and the U.S. to achieve incredible CC account balances, valued at 5, 6 even 7-figures in several months!

Reason 11: No-Risk Policy. Unlike many other MLM businesses that sell virtual products and/or services with the all sales final clause, ADIT offers an unconditional, 72-hour, 100% money-back guarantee on all Ad Package purchases. This is because they are so sure that you will get good exposure for your advertising, that they are able and willing to make this guarantee available. Additionally, since you can even register as an Affiliate Member for free, and still earn 5% on direct Ad Package sales, it means that this business opportunity truly has no risk involved.

Reason 12: Perfect Timing. With global online advertising sales approaching $100 BILLION in 2012 (and about $40 BILLION is from the U.S. alone), there is not be a better time to position yourself with a company that is poised for explosive growth in this industry. In fact, recently reported that over $19 BILLION is expected to be spent in online advertising by the end of 2012. Wouldn’t you like a piece of that? And would if you knew that as of September, 2012, there were over 41,000 active Member Affiliates between Asia and Canada (with about 90% in Asia), yet less than 500 active Affiliate Members in the U.S. alone? Are you beginning to understand why your timing with ADIT could not be more perfect?

Reason 13: Easy To Operate. Operating and managing your ADIT business from home is very easy to do. The only requirements to remain an active Affiliate Member would be to (optionally) view 20 advertiser websites daily, for 20 seconds each, until you receive back the full 70% rebate of your Ad Package purchase price; and (mandatory) make one new Ad Package sale (or renew your own Ad Package sale) every 180 days, starting from your original account registration anniversary date. And when the Market Place feature goes live in the U.S., for every $1 you spend at affiliated merchant stores, you will earn 1 CC. This will create a shopping frenzy, and consumer loyalty will skyrocket, which means more CCs in circulation!

Reason 14: Long-Term Sustainability. In addition to ADIT implementing several security measures in place to ensure that they are consistently profitable as the company grows, as mentioned earlier, they also have a strong legal team in place to ensure their business model meets all regulatory & compliance laws when they enter new countries. Some of the security measures in place to ensure their profitability are the fact that they charge a monthly management fee of 5% (maximum of $200) from every active Affiliate Member’s account has earned over $100; a 5% selling fee (with no cap) when CCs are exchanged for cash, etc.

Reason 15: Bonuses Galore. In addition to the incredible consumer exposure you can get to your own website advertisement, as well as over 10 ways to earn commissions, and access to the Consumer Credits program (should you choose to become an active Affiliate Member), the Bonuses that can be awarded by ADIT are incredible, and will include iPads, MacBooks, and key & titles to cars valued at up to $100,000, and more! ID: 0052132
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