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by Phillip Maxwell

One thing you can do to establish yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry is to provide valuable content on a blog or Free Page. A blog or Free page is the perfect place for you to allow people to know more about you and your knowledge about a certain topic.

Try not to use your blog as an advertisement page. If you provide valuable content you will be recognized as a as a leader in the industry. When people finally find out what business opportunities you are promoting they will be more open to join your business opportunity.

Another important tip is you want to try to be as helpful as possible. If you can provide some free marketing tools, e-books or software that will really help somebody grow their business, they will really remember you for that.

Sometimes you don't even have to provide the tools, e-books or software, sometimes all you have to do is tell them where they can get it. If that information is really valuable, your readers or followers will be really grateful and they will follow you for a long time and will be more open to whatever you are promoting.

When you write an article try to write about something that you are really passionate about or a topic that you have a lot of knowledge on.

When you do this people will look at you as a leader in the industry and instead of you chasing behind them to promote your business opportunity, they will be coming to you asking you for advice and asking you about your business. This is also called Attraction Marketing, and it falls under the umbrella of Network Marketing.

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