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Brent Ashworth - Make sure you get your cheap lifetime Instant Splash upgrade before it's gone.
9:06 PM Sep 13th 13 from Web
Brent Ashworth 1:11 PM Mar 03rd 13 from Web

Don't miss WPAcademy's "Full Week of FREE, Content-Rich Presentations on WordPress Web Design, Internet Business Development, Branding, Entrepreneur Mindset."

Click on my name now, then the link I posted and register for your valuable, free, expert training! :D

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Brent Ashworth 12:59 PM Mar 03rd 13 from Web

Free WordPress for Business Summit March 4-8, 2013 via wpacademy

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Brent Ashworth 5:07 PM Jan 20th 12 from Web

A Rare Opportunity

If you need an Internet marketing course covering all the bases with all the important details you need to implement what you learn, don't let this day go by.

Because today is the last day you can get this comprehensive, high quality and highly recommended Internet marketing course for a rock bottom price.

Get it before they raise the price tomorrow to its true value: $997! Click my name to learn more.

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Brent Ashworth 4:50 PM Jan 20th 12 from Web

Snag IM Tutor ($997 value!) before it closes in 24 hrs! (not an aff link)

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Brent Ashworth 5:18 PM Jul 21st 11 from Web

You may find it hard to believe what Jeremy said today about his and Simon's new site and how much it costs...and apparently it's not baseless hype. In fact, you just may find yourself describing it as stunning, shocking or mind-blowing. Click my name to learn more.

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Brent Ashworth 5:17 PM Jul 21st 11 from Web

It's probably going to "cause massive shock waves in our industry because it just might end over-priced $2k guru courses." - Jeremy Gislason

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Brent Ashworth 7:37 PM May 02nd 11 from Web

The absolute best stuff I've ever read about buying psychology is a little book by Joe Sugarman called "Triggers."

For a few days, Joe is giving away a free copy of an interview series he did where he breaks down each and every one of these 29 "triggers" so they're super-easy to understand and apply to your own business.

This is kind of must-have stuff for your library and the series will normally run you over 200 bucks.

- Jeremy Gislason

Clink my name, then the link in my previous post-Now!

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Brent Ashworth 7:22 PM May 02nd 11 from Web

Free for a limited time! How to Use 29 Sales Triggers: absolute best stuff ever about buying psychology by Joe Sugarman

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Brent Ashworth 7:29 PM Nov 09th 10 from Web

RS @sarfh I really look forward to Jane Marks' Sunday Sermon each week. I find them interesting,inspiring and motivational! They really encourage you to push forward (get up and go forward....positively!) and not get discouraged if things, at times, do not go as planned. I would encourage all members not to miss these weekly "sermons".

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