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Chris Thompson
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9:57 PM Dec 16th 12 from Web

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9:18 PM Sep 21st 11 from Web
http://instantblogsubscribers.com/entry/... - Tweet,Twitter marketing,use twitter for marketing favourite this squeek 
9:14 PM Sep 02nd 11 from Web
Working on my traffic exchange, ShowBiz Hits. http://showbizhits.net/?rid=2 favourite this squeek 
3:45 PM May 21st 11 from Web
Private pre-launch in progress. Free to check out. http://www.twrpowersystem.com/aff/uid/mlmdiva_1 favourite this squeek 
1:04 PM Sep 07th 09 from Web
Hmmm. My post appeared on Twittr twice. favourite this squeek 
8:05 AM Aug 27th 09 from Web
Sokule posts appear on Twitter? Cool. I'll try it. favourite this squeek 
7:38 AM Aug 27th 09 from Web
@niki8 I like it too! Still figuring it all out. favourite this squeek 
10:35 PM Aug 26th 09 from Web
oops favourite this squeek 
9:59 AM Aug 25th 09 from Web
I think this will be fun! I'll be back later to explore. favourite this squeek 
9:59 AM Aug 25th 09 from Web