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Lynn Perron - "Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are creating. You are creating your next moment. That is what's real." Sara Paddison
11:32 AM Oct 22nd 10 from Web
Lynn Perron 8:29 AM Oct 12th 10 from Web

WOW! I've made over $800 in 7 days, $100 yesterday alone. Never really made much in my 4 years online, so exciting!

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Lynn Perron 10:09 PM Feb 20th 10 from Web

DNA is changing the world of Network Marketing. Tired of MLM's, you have to check this out. It's FREE!

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Lynn Perron 10:51 PM Feb 15th 10 from Web

Wouldn't you like to Make Money without Spending Any? Now you can with DNA! Join me, we're the no. 1 Team -

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Lynn Perron 10:31 AM Feb 13th 10 from Web

This is Real guys. Don't take this lightly even if it's Free! Dream Big! Get Ready to finally Succeed!:

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Lynn Perron 2:28 PM Feb 08th 10 from Web

Nothing like you've Ever Seen, you can Finally Make Money without Any! Join at the beginning of something really big:

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Lynn Perron 10:41 AM Feb 08th 10 from Web

Finally... Make Money Without Any! Yes it is possible, brand new Opportunity, be at the beginning of something big

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Lynn Perron 11:32 PM Feb 05th 10 from Web

What can you do in 12 Seconds? No not that!

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Lynn Perron 7:47 PM Nov 24th 09 from Web

I'm getting ready for my next webinar, you don't want to miss this one, you'll be amazed offer:

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Lynn Perron 10:48 AM Oct 27th 09 from Web

People who live only for dessert, Line, very rarely enjoy the main course. And sometimes a meal is like life. Bon app├ętit! The Universe

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