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Richard Taylor - RS @Micro61 Sunday Million and ad organization update:

First, our Sunday Million contest has been increased to a $6 Million prize pool and the top 55,300 entries win. Facts to highlight:

- $6 Million in prizes

- $1 Million to first

- Only $25 to enter

- 55,300 places will win

- Contest starts on Sunday at 1pm EST
7:45 AM Sep 30th 15 from Web
Richard Taylor 7:44 AM Sep 30th 15 from Web

What if you could get your own own mini-oil-well and I build your downline FOR you. new program.

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Richard Taylor 1:24 PM Feb 15th 15 from Web

RS @dbugea Creating capture pages can be time consuming and who has
time these days. But what if there was a new system that makes it easy to create beautiful capture pages instantly.
Well I know what would happen if it were easy, I would
make a lot more money.

OnyaList makes both of these functions easy. It doesn't matter if you have an autoresponder or not. It is the answer you have been looking for.

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Richard Taylor 1:24 PM Feb 15th 15 from Web

For The Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee You Can Earn A Monthly Income Using Our Simple 2 Steps.

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Richard Taylor 9:12 PM Jun 24th 14 from Web

Save 1000s on meds USA only
instant quotes LOCALLY at 65,000
WALMART, CVS, Walgreens,
as much as 90%

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Richard Taylor 7:02 PM Feb 11th 14 from Web

our goal
Advertise, Earn, Prosper!
No Recruiting Necessary
Turn $1 Into $10,000

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Richard Taylor 5:24 AM May 08th 13 from Web

Its about time your cell phone paid you.ask me how. unlimited voice,text and data $49 a hidden fees

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Richard Taylor 10:58 PM Aug 22nd 12 from Web

For YEARS Ive dreamt of a a real system that was fully and completely automatic.

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Richard Taylor 5:12 PM Sep 19th 11 from Web - We need affiliates .we are expanding rapidly

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Richard Taylor 7:10 AM Sep 03rd 11 from Web - wom Mobile Deals Launch Date Announced!

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