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Brad Pollina - CLOSER WALK DAY 11 Mt 11 and Is 53:4-5: Today we read about the Yolk of Christ. My favorite section that stood out today: "Did you know that Anxiety is the by-product of failing to wear the yolk; contentment comes from walking in concert with Him." So how have you been doing? Do you throw off His yolk and do it your way, or do you let him help you find rest in Him?
8:57 AM Jan 22nd 13 from Web
Brad Pollina 4:55 PM Apr 01st 12 from Web

Can you help out?

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Brad Pollina 10:43 PM Mar 31st 12 from Web

Just posted this on my blog. I dare you not to cry! Please leave a comment if you like it!

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Brad Pollina 8:50 PM Feb 18th 12 from Web

“If you do not like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

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Brad Pollina 8:59 AM Sep 06th 11 from Web

CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS! My daughter and I were involved in a car accident Thurs and need prayers bad. If u.r. praying or want more details, email bpollina @ TY.

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Brad Pollina 8:58 AM Sep 06th 11 from Web

Need hosting? Check this out!

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Brad Pollina 11:01 PM Jan 16th 11 from Web

Can you spare $1 or more to help my daughter for the American Heart Assoc? See

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Brad Pollina 1:26 AM Nov 30th 10 from Web

Can you help a brother out? Seriously!

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Brad Pollina 10:51 PM Sep 18th 10 from

I'm posting to over 70+ sites automatically via this one post at . Come check it out!

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Brad Pollina 11:36 AM Sep 17th 10 from Web

I have known Joel T. since he was in Canada and can vouche that this system ROCKS! He is very forthcoming, public, and does everything he says he will do an more.
Please join me at

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