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Eugene Jones - most do misunderstand Revelations 1:10 as a result they do not understand the perspective from which the entire book was written.More later
9:17 PM Nov 22nd 11 from Web
Eugene Jones 9:07 PM Nov 22nd 11 from Web

Hi to all of my trackers I am writing this post to thank all of you as the time does not permit a more personal way please forgive me fornow

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Eugene Jones 7:07 PM Nov 22nd 10 from Web

In the Bible the book of Revelations a title of St John the Divine, A title added by men and is not in the original text.The very first verse contradicts any humanly devised title. This book is the direct revelation of Jesus Christ,coming to him from the father. When Jesus Christ walked the earth, He frequently talked about the future, Not in a speculative or wishful sense. He spoke with authority. Be cause he had come directly from the father. Jesus Christ spoke the words the father gave him.

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Eugene Jones 1:56 PM Nov 08th 10 from Web

PROPHECIES Revelation The Mystery Unveiled. I have written about
prophecies in other post in sokule, This is a first on Kule
Wall. To my trackers and all who wish to read I offer keys to
understanding through these writings. But on this one will i
Look who is poor humble and of a contrite spirit, and who

trembles at my word Isaiah 66 2 The Creator claims that his
word is generally hidden from the wise and prudent but is
revealed to babes not in age but understanding. More to come

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Eugene Jones 7:52 PM Aug 12th 10 from Web

I do prophecies post from time to time on my post.Most scholars, do not understand the Bible.By reading some of the articles written in some of the theological journals or some of the many books printed on religious subjects there is utter confusion The different views contradict one and another in a way and to an extent seen on no other subject. Do you know why? The most important key will be explained in my next post. Check out my Software Billions Club.

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Eugene Jones 1:00 PM Jun 03rd 10 from Web

Since I am always talking about prophecies I will add a tid but here.The ancient prophet Daniel was given an outline of what the future held,from this day (in the sixth century BC) until the time Christ would establish the Kingdom of God on earth (cf. Daniel 2,7). In addition, Daniel was given several specific prophecies that relate to the time of the end. Daniel greatly desired to understand the meaning of those intriguing prophecies,yet he could not. More on this next time I hope you enjoy.

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Eugene Jones 9:02 PM May 13th 10 from Web

Eugene here to all of my followers a big hardy thank you. You know that you are on the site that has the most to offer it is so kule that it took on just that name.Check affiliate link See you there

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Eugene Jones 9:06 PM Apr 23rd 10 from Web

@sokule there is no way to compare sokule to any other site it has all that any other site has plus all of the features to get your adds up and running. Most of the best social sites can be posted to with one click. The name says it all. I will resume my statements on prophecies soon for those of you that may be interested I understand that the subject of prophecies is not for everyone. sokule should be for everyone we all need sokule it has the answer to so much for so little. By now!!!

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Eugene Jones 11:30 PM Mar 05th 10 from Web

The old testament book of of Daniel reveals prophecies of the end-time--recorded,but sealed The new testament book of revelations depicts Jesus Christ opening the seals to reveal the future to his true servants (Revelations 1:1; 5:5. In other words, it is now possible to understand the future with clarity.
Millions have wondered if they will perish in a terrible war. Others have wondered whether Christ might come at any time, and they may find themselves "left behind." Do you know the answers.

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