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John Kespert - Did you know that with AIOP Teambuild you can build your very own list to promote any business you like?
2:52 PM Mar 30th 15 from Web
John Kespert 5:07 PM Mar 10th 10 from Web

If you are looking for a handheld, laptop, or desktop computer visit my website:

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John Kespert 4:23 PM Mar 07th 10 from Web

At WordLinx I earn pennies from clicking on ads and dollars from promoting advertising on WordLinx.

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John Kespert 5:13 PM Feb 11th 10 from Web

This splash is a for a great way to earn free money online, or get great low cost advertising:

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John Kespert 5:20 PM Feb 04th 10 from Web

I caught free training at GVO Academy today at where all the trainers earn fulltime income online.

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John Kespert 11:32 AM Feb 03rd 10 from Web

If anybody needs AVON visit

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John Kespert 5:12 PM Feb 02nd 10 from Web

I just clicked on an ad at and was earned 1 cent, bringing my current total to $19.34.

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John Kespert 5:01 PM Feb 02nd 10 from Web

Wow...I just the used the earn coins feature at Sokul Tracker and minutes later I have 35 trackings by 5 people.

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John Kespert 4:20 PM Feb 02nd 10 from Web

A So Cool aspect of Sokule is the ability to post there once and have appear on multiple sites including Twitter.

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John Kespert 3:48 PM Feb 02nd 10 from Web

I joined Sokule today because Joel Therien of GVO ( just formed a join venture with them.

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