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5:39 AM Mar 26th 12 from Web
James Norberg 7:20 AM Jan 31st 12 from Web

Create Video for your articles with voiceover, animations, all the graphics and submit it to 17+ top video sites

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James Norberg 2:44 AM Oct 21st 11 from Web

Are you serious about getting your business seen by millions of hungry buyers? Than look no further!

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James Norberg 1:21 AM May 25th 11 from Web

This Is Huge, So Get In Early & Get Massive Spillover!!!

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James Norberg 11:52 PM Apr 07th 11 from Web

Good evening, I know you've been watching what's going on in the world. Things are really Falling Apart Literally, the infrastructure of the U.S. is outdated and crumbling under our feet and waiting for our government to fix it is going to take forever. I have a solution to at least take control of the problems you can, how bad it would be if you lost electricity. Think about it and Check These Out.

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James Norberg 2:39 AM Mar 12th 11 from Web

How about everyone posting to the Kulewall
Stop what you're doing for a few seconds
and say a Prayer for those over in Japan..
Bless You All,
Jim Norberg

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James Norberg 6:55 AM Jan 27th 11 from Web

I'm sure you've heard all the buzz on the Internet with what seems like dozens of new programs and software out there that promise to be the next best thing. Well one of them can lay claim to that and is driving tons of traffic to the sites of those that took the chance. Take The Chance!!

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James Norberg 11:44 AM Nov 02nd 10 from Web

Oh yeah I almost forgot Congratulations San Fransisco Giants on their World Series Win. Now I'll be able to rest in peace when I die.

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James Norberg 1:16 AM Sep 17th 10 from Web

Instant Payments For Your Affiliate Sales, Yes Instant.
No you're not dreaming and there's no typo I did say Instant Payments Straight to your PayPal Account for Affiliate Sales. Yes I mean No Waiting A Month or More, I couldn't believe it either but there it was right there in Black and White. Now I know what you're thinking, this guys just out of the Looney Bin, or he's got his head up his (well you know what) but I assure you it's true.
James Norberg

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James Norberg 6:44 AM Sep 13th 10 from Web

Hey There I have some great news for all of you who are selling as an affiliate, as you so painfully know when you make a sale you have to wait what seems like an eternity to get paid. Well things are changing and their changing fast and in your favor, how would you like to get paid instantly for Affiliate sales you've made. Stupid Question Right, well there's a new player in town well an old player with new ideas. Go take a look at this and get in on this NOW.

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