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Peter Wendon

45 year old living with my two sons making a living online with the help of some mentoring and great advice from founding member of Sokule Tom Haley.
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Peter Wendon
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5:08 PM Nov 07th 10 from Web

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Peter Wendon
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9:51 PM Oct 29th 10 from Web
Hi folks.......

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9:38 PM Oct 29th 10 from Web
the easy way to finally saying goodbye to that early morning commute, those long hours wasted sitting stuck on the freeway, and spend more time doing what YOU want........


"Never give up, never give up, never ever ever give up"
Winston Churchill
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7:46 PM Oct 29th 10 from Web
I have heard of something that will change the face of online marketing forever......... favourite this squeek 
8:54 AM Oct 29th 10 from Web
The time is ......NOW to stop chasing the false paper trails left by the so-called "gurus" of online marketing.

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"With belief anything is possible"

This is a REAL GENUINE BONA FIDE opportunity to set yourself up for life, grab on to it and hold on for the ride of your life!
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4:17 AM Oct 29th 10 from Web
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    45 year old living with my two sons making a living online with the help of some mentoring and great
    advice from founding member of Sokule Tom Haley.
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