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T A Vanhyning
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12:27 PM Dec 28th 11 from Web

Hello all, I just wanted say thank you for the invite favourite this squeek 
7:21 PM Jan 11th 10 from Web
Quit Building Other Peoples Lists http://bit.ly/4Ko9YM favourite this squeek 
5:41 PM Dec 11th 09 from Web
Good Morning Sokule! It's a brand new day and the launch of Shaq's The Payer Player will start a brand new life!
 favourite this squeek 
10:23 AM Aug 27th 09 from Web
Hello fellow sokulers. I hope you are having a great day as I am! favourite this squeek 
12:15 PM Aug 26th 09 from Web
This could be huge. I'm kind of excited. happy to be here favourite this squeek 
10:53 AM Aug 25th 09 from Web