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Personal Coaching And Training Private Members Club By The Silver Fox
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Welcome to the Silver Fox Private Members Club where I will personally coach you on how I make an average of $3,500 weekly by advertising a phone number.


To Insure You Receive Timely Up-Dates Make Sure You Are Registered At -- Register For Live Training Call Notifications & Up-Dates By Clicking Here

My Goal In the Next 60-90 Days Is To Have You Positioned To Make $100,000 To $250,000 By This Time Next Year Simply Advertising A Phone #

One of the major requirements on your part - for the next 60-90 days - is you MUST stay focused on my teachings and the marketing techniques you will learn.

We will be spending a lot of time in my live training room where I will be giving you step-by-step instructions on how and where to market, how to follow-up with those who respond to YOUR phone number, and how to respond to the leads I generate from my marketing campaigns that I will give to you.

One of the conditions of my personal coaching is YOU MUST CONFORM TO MY SCHEDULE and you must purhase ---5---- marketing platforms for around $120 - $150. I will have the LIVE training room open certain times of the day for you to ask questions and for me to teach you by “Show & Tell” methods how to use those ---5--- marketing platforms. This schedule is not set in stone so YOU must be flexible to my schedule.

In order for you to be positioned to make a Six Figure Income this time next year there are some tools and programs you must purchase to make this work. If you are not in a position to invest from $120- $150 at the start of your career I do have what is called a $10 Joint Venture program where your only cost is $10 per month for your phone number.

My personal one-on-one coaching and training will not work with this $10 Joint Venture Program but I do have a series of training videos you can study that will teach you how to make from $150 to $1,500 per sale by advertising YOUR phone number.

If you want to pursue this $10 Joint Venture program CLICK HERE to pick up that phone # and take the training. Once you have purchased your $10 Joint Venture phone number send me an email to harveysilverfox@gmail.com with your name, your contact phone number, the $10 Joint Venture phone number you just bought and I will place you with one of my graduate students. You will be working closing with this graduate student who will be paying you from $150 to $1,500 for each DPS system you generate from advertising your own phone #.

Here are the benefits of having me Personally Coach you for the next 60-90 days and graduate to your own Direct Pay System - DPS - BIG TICKET MONEY MAKING PROGRAM where all you do is advertise a phone making $3,500 weekly on autopilot…

  • As a graduate student you will receive $10 Joint Venture Partners who will have purchased their own marketing phone number, have gone through the training and are ready to start working for YOU.

  • You will receive daily leads from prospects who called my 800Link phone number and listened to my powerful (what we call) a SIZZLE CALL.

  • You will receive personal one-on-one training in my live training room on how to contact these leads and redirect them to the 45 minute Webinar where this Webinar will do the selling for you.

  • I will teach you how to follow-up with these leads - making sure they join the “Direct Pay System” at the $400 - $6,400 membership level

  • I will pay YOU 50% of the 80% of the membership level they join - Example = 80% of $6,400 = $5,120. You will receive 50% of this $5,120 = $2,560. You are being paid to take MY Personal Coaching and Training course... WOW

  • I will give you an HTML template blogging script and teach you how to use it. This template is SEO ready and all you do is use the “FIND AND REPLACE” function - plugging in different keywords for each blog you post - making that blog unique from all the others you build. For example CLICK HERE & HERE & HERE Of course YOUR phone number and lead capture page links will be on YOUR blogs instead of mine.

  • I will be giving you several FREE locations where you can post your blogs with your SIZZLE CALL marketing number. I post at least 6 per day that generate some times 20 - 50 even 100 prospects who call me every day which I give to my students.

Ok - let’s get started. For me --- Harvey The Silver Fox --- to personally coach you I need YOU to join the following programs…

#1. CLICK HERE to order your $10 SIZZLE CALL #

#2. $1.25 Feeder Free Toolbox Program- Get Paid To Generate Leads For Your Direct Pay System DPS with The 125 Feeder Program. Go ahead and click on the link to find out how I --- Harvey The Silver Fox --- made $870 in just 2 days by advertising my Big Ticket Program where I make $3,500 weekly. You can do the same...

#3. Ultimate Cycler - I ---Harvey The Silver Fox --- use Ultimate Cycler as a Feeder Program for my Direct Pay System DPS. The prospects pay me $25 so I can advertise to them - allowing me to send them ads for my Direct Pay System DPS Money Making Opportunity What is Ultimate Cycler and who is Peter Wolfing?

First off let me explain what Ultimate Cycler is. Ultimate Cycler is a business you work from home created and owned by Peter Wolfing. It’s been designed to be easy to start and just as quick to get you into profit.

If you are someone who has bills, the Ultimate Cycler can help you make immediate money...read on...

Ultimate Cycler is a simple 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that pays out 100% instant commissions.

What’s GREAT about U/C... for only $25 you will receive an internet lead scraper and voice broadcaster PLUS $2,000 worth of other business building tools. You will be using the Voice Broadcaster to follow-up with those who call YOUR SIZZLE CALL phone #.


#4. 12 Second Commute - I will be building CUSTOM lead capture pages with your name and affiliate links for YOU using 12 Second Commute. This is a powerful marketing system within a box. This system has it all... lead capture pages, autoresponders, ad trackers, contact managers, email broadcast platform, URL rotators, affiliate area, blogging center, training videos, image library, program builder, ebook resource center, web development services, clickbank mall set-up, SEO tools, smart pages, RFY100, bulk email blaster and more. This sytem will cost you $47 per month as a PLATINUM member. YOU MUST BE A $47 PER MONTH PAID PLATINUM MEMBER FOR ME TO BUILD YOUR LEAD CAPTURE PAGES!

#5. Sokule - Auto Post To 80 + Blogs & Social Networking Sites With This System...

This is a MUST HAVE MARKETING SYSTEM - 1-post, 1-click and you're done! - then take the rest of the day off - You can post your messages & BLOGS to 80+ high traffic social media sites WITH ONE CLICK OF THE MOUSE. You must up-grade to the SILVER level membership allowing you to post 6 blogs a day.


These are the ONLY ---5--- PAID programs you need to join for me to personally coach and train you costing you around $120 - $150 to get started. The rest of the marketing platforms will be free.

Once you have joined ALL ---5--- of these marketing platforms send an email to me at harveysilverfox@gmail.com with your affiliate links and I will then give you further instructions on how I will meet you in my live training room to start the one-on-one coaching and training process .

If you can not afford the $120 - $150 but can afford $10 CLICK HERE to get started as a $10 Joint Venture Partner.

OK - you have your instructions - get busy and I will be waiting for your email…


The Silver Fox


Harvey The Silver Fox is a professional Business Building Coach. My goal in the next 90 days is to have you positioned to make $100,000 this time next in your business by offering FREE training and places to advertise located here:

->   http://www.idotheselling.com


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