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I love to shop online. It is convenient. When done with wisdom, it saves time and money. Of course, whenever you shop online you want the comfort that the shopping site is secure, the company has integrity, the products are as represented, and customer service is caring. Most men and women I associate with appreciate pleasing fashion. There is a place for just plain bargain. It is more exciting to take some time to shop for fashion. Actually, I like the combination of practical and fashionable. Let us not leave out price. Wise shoppers want and deserve value and quality. Bargains and free shipping are always appreciated.


I am pleased to share a brief biographical sketch. My name is Colleen Harris. I am mother of six children - one daughter and 5 sons. I love business and consider myself a women with the mindset of a real entrepreneur. I was born in Utah, USA, lived in Hawaii over 6 years, and presently am traveling on the mainland USA. I owned and managed a wedding business 15 years.

->   http://onyalist.com/Avon2/happynow


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