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Get Free Bitcoins from Carl G.

Plant an acorn.  Grow a tree.


You will be getting 0.0008 Bitcoin

($0.80).  Use those funds to get into

2x9 Bitmax.


Cost for level 1:  0.0002 BTC ($0.20).


Once activated, your 2x9 Bitmax 

referral link will be added to my coop,

to help you build your business.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join 2x9 Bitmax.



You will be joining under someone in 

the coop.


If you are already a member of 2x9 Bitmax,

you will need to create another account,

using different username and password.


Multiple accounts are allowed.


2.  Once registered, send me the following:


A.  Name of sponsor

B.  Your Bitcoin address.


3.  0.0008 BTC ($0.80) will be sent to

your Bitcoin address.  Allow 30 minutes

or so for confirmation.


4.  Deposit 0.0008 BTC into 2x9 Bitmax.


5.  Purchase level 1 to activate.


6.  Once activated, send me your Bitmax

referral link.  You will not get a referral 

link until you activate your account.



It will be added to my 2x9 Bitmax coop.


A suggested strategy is to upgrade to at

least level 2 (0.0003 BTC - $0.30) so you

don’t get jumped.


It only takes 2 to fill your level 1.  After 

that, if one of your downlines upgrades

to level 2, you will be bypassed for payment

until you upgrade further.


Every time you earn enough to upgrade,

do so.  Level 4 is a good stopping point.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight







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