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My Downline Master Contest will have 5 winners instead of 1.


Downline Master updated contest stats:


Number of members in current contest:  31.

Includes those from previous contest who did not win.


Next random drawing when contestants reaches: 40.


My DM Coop is open to ALL DM members,

whether you are in my downline chain or not.


The only requirement to be in the contest:


A.  Join Downline Master or be a member.

B.  Join Trend Trax Pro or be a member.

C.  Join Trend Mails or be a member.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Downline Master or be a member.



Send me the following:


A.  Your DM referral link.

B.  Username of your DM sponsor.


C.  Where you saw this ad.


D.  Your email address.


Free members of DM will get 3 guaranteed

signups from my DM Coop, as will upgraded

DM members not in my downline chain.


Upgraded DM members in my downline

chain will get unlimited signups.


2.  Join Trend Trax Pro or be a member.



3.  Join Trend Mails or be a member.



Send me your TTP and TM referral links.


Contest rules are as follows:


1.  There will be a random drawing every 20

new members in the contest.


2.  Person in first place will get $10.

Person in second place will get $5.

Those in places 3 – 5 will get $2. each


Then the contest starts all over again

until we get another 20 new people.


3.  All members in the contest who are not

winners, will be carried over to participate,

automatically, in the next contest.


The five winners will not be eligible, but

will stay in my Downline Master Coop

for their alloted signups.


My Downline Master Coop recruits for you.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight









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