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A simple Bitcointribution strategy you can take to the bank.



Two places where you can get instant bitcoin:


A.  http://www.coinme.com


Over 3000 coinstar machines in the US and

around the world.  Many in your local



B.  http://www.paybis.com


Use bankcard to get bitcoin at home.


Register and get verified (simple process)

and you are on your way.


C.  Register at Bitcointribution or be a member.



You will be joining under a member in my

Bitcointribution Rotator.


A simple strategy to get to $20. in account

balance as soon as possible, then keep building:


1.  Deposit $8. into level 1.


2.  Compound earnings until you reach $20.


3.  Withdraw $10.


4.  Put $10. back to work in level 1.


5.  Compound earnings until you reach $30.


6.  Withdraw $15.


7.  Put $15. back to work in level 1.


8.  Continue building up balances until

you reach a comfortable level for being

able to withdraw more and more.


I prefer to have funds working at levels

1 – 3, but you may decide to stay with

level 1.


Each person has to decide the most

comfortable strategy to follow.


Here is the strategy that I follow:


1.  Deposit $8. into level 1.


You will earn 1.23% hourly for 88 hours.


2.  Whenever your account balance reaches

$8.00, compound your earnings back into level 1.


3.  Continue compounding until your account

balance reaches $80.


4.  Deposit $80. into level 2.


5.  Continue compounding account balance into

level 1 until level 2 has 3 days, 16 hours before



Click on My Deposits to see how much time you

have left before deposits expire.


6.  Stop compounding earnings in level 1.


The goal is to have level 1 and level 2 deposits

expire at approximately the same time.


You could wind up with $100. or so in account



7.  Deposit $85. into level 2.


8.  Withdraw remaining account balances.


Instant withdrawal.


9.  Continue this compounding process until

you reach $180. in account balance and can

deposit funds into level 3.


The goal is to eventually have earnings compounding

in all 3 levels.


Continue to build up earnings while at the same time

withdrawing more and more funds.


It may take 3 – 6 months to reach this goal, but

once you are earning in 3 levels at the same time,

you can decide what strategy you want to follow.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight









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