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Pure passive daily revenue at Automatic Tron Profits.



Quick Start.


1.  Register at Automatic Tron Profits



You will be registering under a member in

my rotator, who is at matrix 4 or higher.


You will get a pif when funds are available.


If you want to get added to my rotator,

upgrade to matrix 4 or higher and send

me your Automatic Tron Profits link.


Indicate your highest matrix level.


2.  Log in daily to earn passive income.


When you have generated 300 % on

your deposit, a renew matrix button will



Click on that to get a new matrix, to 

repeat the process over and over again.


If you decide to recruit, to generate more

revenue, that is totally up to you.


3.  Get an Atomic Wallet at your leisure,

to hold Tron and for withdrawals.


4.  Look at the rest of the videos at

your leisure.


You can check out this explanation video

on how Automatic Tron Profits works.



Current value of Trx.



Conversion table of Trx/US$



Automatic Tron Profits generates revenue

from two (2) sources:


1.  When you cycle the 2 x 4 matrix.


2.  Earn up to 300% on your deposit.

You have to log in daily, to get revenue share.


Click on the Features link to get more details.


A.  This is the link to the guide to walk you through the

process to open your Atomic wallet:



This is a short video tour my sponsor did on the Atomic Wallet:



B.  Once you set up your Atomic Wallet, log in and find



Click on receive to get your Tron Wallet address as you

have to input that when you login, so you can get paid.


C.  If you intend to deposit bitcoin and exchange if for

tron, click on bitcoin and get receive address.


Purchasing Trx using credit card



I deposited from bitcoin wallet to atomic wallet, then

used exchange feature on atomic wallet to move from

bitcoin to tron. $10. exchange resulted in $6.50 in tron.


If you use something other than bitcoin, the fees may

be lower.


D.  Fund your account with a minimum of 100 Trx.


Your commissions will accrue and you will be

paid automatically once your balance hits

5600 TRX.


You will be able to request instant withdrawal

when your balance is as small as 100 TRX once

you have purchased thru to the 500 TRX matrix.




E.  Purchase the 100-matrix using the funds you just deposited.


Here's a short video on this part of the process:



F. Here is a short video on the direct purchase process.



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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