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Article : The #1 Secret to Money Making Success

I am about to share with you the common thread that ties together all successful entrepreneurs. This single feature launched the enterprises of Microsoft, Intel, Hershey, JP Morgan, Amazon.com, Nike and so many others. It isn't anything you will be taught in Business College, it has zip to do with accounting, and it does not actually have anything to do with what you are selling or how you are selling it. It is the missing 'million dollar' idea, hiding in clear sight.

We hear this all of the time: a voyage of 1,000 miles starts with one step. How were we taught to write a term paper? First we commence with a basic outline - that is our profitable concept, whatever it could be. Next, we are make a rough draft, we begin working on something that we all know for sure will be imperfect. Eventually, we use our rough-draft as a basis to start revisions, finally ending up with a last draft, the 'perfect' version. So, to succeed, we must create the future by taking action today. We cannot presumably foretell everything that might occur when we start engaging in business.

Microsoft started out selling programming software. After one or two years, a breakthrough presented itself to sell a P. C. Operating System to IBM, and they took it. The result was MS-DOS (which, BTW they did not even create themselves, they bought it from some other person when they saw what quantity of money they could make). This, of course was followed by Windows, probably one of the most profitable products ever.

If Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the founders of Microsoft, had sat on the sidelines of the growing PC industry thinking 'programming software is an OK idea, but it is not ideal, there truly is not a large enough market for it...we require something better', would they be where they are today? Would IBM have given them that golden opportunity? Not likely.

Did Michelangelo's sculpture of David appear from a single tap of a chisel on a block of marble? No, it took Michelangelo over three years of effort to release his masterwork from the stone, one small chip of marble at a time. Do something. Do anything! If you do something, and the result isn't what you wanted, what is the worst that would happen? You either have something to improve on, or you've eliminated what failed (addition by subtraction).

Either way, you are one step nearer to success than you were before you began. Go for it! Give it a shot! Your financial success is waiting for you, go and get it! Start Today!


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