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SoKule is Soooo Cooool! You Get All This For What . . . ?
Wouldn't it be really cool if you could click
one button and have your message instantly
posted on 16 high-profile, social media sites
(including Twitter) and then drive all that
traffic back to one location on the web?

Imagine never having to log into Facebook
or Twitter or Friendfeed or Blogger or
Word Press or 40 other sites.

One Post.
One Click.
You're Done.
That's it.

You can do this with a Sokule Silver


And wouldn't it be really neat if you could...
send an automatic welcome message, that
you can personalize and thank people for
following (tracking) you?

Wouldn't you just die for a way to direct
message, instantly, everyone who follows
you and do it with one click?

Add Video or Graphic Ads to your postit
page and enhance your business presence
Wouldn't that be cool?

You can do all this with a Sokule Silver


And what if you could . . .

schedule your posts so you look like a
social media pro even when you are on
vacation, relaxing on a sun drenched beach.

Easily and quickly view the latest posts
on one page of your top 10 favorite

Or write an article, add a video, post
it instantly to the top 16 social media
sites (soon to be 40) and have your post
include a link that takes people back
from the shortened version to your full
article on your Sokwall.

You can with a Sokule Silver Membership


I don't have room in this email to tell you
all the features and benefits you get with a
silver membership, but if you are serious
about building a business presence on the
web, you need to get this now and find
out why top marketers everywhere are
saying . . . .

"this is Sooo Coool" as soon as they see

Grab your silver membership now and
start establishing your business presence
on the web. You'll be glad you did.


Jan van der Kolk
Proud Sokule Founding Member

Get your silver membership today through
the link above and I'll give you 50,000
advertising credits in one of our most popular
sites, Croc-Ads (a value of $497.00)
Why am I doing this?

Because, I want you to experience the same
features and benefits our top marketers get.

Here's how you claim your bonus...

Order your silver membership through this link...


Send your Full Name, your Sokule Username
and your CrocAds Username to:

This offer ends in 48 hours so act now...!


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