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Don't Forget The Ending...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Admin Don't Forget The Ending...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hello Sokulers

Once Upon A time, there was a small child
who looked up at the sky and started to
count the stars...

The Mother, being busy and needing to get
back to her work, told the child,

"You can't count all the stars. It will take too long"

But the Child kept counting.

The Mother began to get fidgety and annoyed
and said to the Child:

“I hope it rains soon and the sky gets grey
and the clouds cover the stars and then you
will have to stop counting"

"But, Mom," the child said,

I don't need to see the stars to count them,
I know where they are, I see them in my mind
and I am going to keep counting"

Don’t' forget the ending...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Business people, good ones, are in many ways
like children.

They don't see any boundaries as obstacles
Boundaries can be moved.

They don't see road blocks as dead ends.

They test the boundaries.
They Move the road blocks.
They figure a way around whatever stands in their way.

They can count the stars even when the sky is overcast.

If the stars disappeared for a time, they will make
them up or make them over in their mind until they
can continue counting.

People think that it is only artists and musicians
and writers that are creative.

They are wrong.

Business people can compete in the world of
art and do all the time.

They innovate.
They create.

In many ways, their efforts mirror art as ideas
are borrowed and then changed from their
predecessors and their competitors.

I bet, if you get to know some business people well,
you will find that many are painters or play
an instrument or sing or design or write their
own stories.

You will find they can always change the way
a story ends and they seldom tell a story
the same way twice.

There is a place on the net where you can
change the way your story ends

A place where you can count the stars even
when the day is cloudy.

A place where you can create, innovate,
compete with anyone anywhere but...

You need to do one thing and do it at all times.

Don't Forget the Ending

It looks like this

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If you include that simple, two line phrase in every
email you send, in every text ad you place,
at every site where you can add it, you
Will change the way your story ends.

You will build a list.
You can mail to that list
You can contact that list about your own business
You can ea.rn from that list
You can learn from that list
You can grow that list from contacts all over the net

One liners can be very powerful if you know how
to use them.

Align your own stars today and start by not
forgetting the ending.

Change the way your story ends today.

Have a great Sunday


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc.

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PS: We are having a Sokule fun contest.
It ends tonight at Midnight EST Sunday,
Ocotber 11th,  so be quick.

The Thumbs Up Contest.

Our members are making suggestions as to what they
would like to see added to the Sokule Lingo Page.

The Sokule Lingo Page looks like this.

Want to add to it?
Have some fun and send us your Sokule Lingo ideas.
The top submission will win a prize.

We are going to send these suggestions out to all
members to vote on and, if they get a thumbs up, they
will be added to the Sokule Lingo page and
memorialized forever.


The winning submission, with the most votes, will
get a prize of 25,000 fr.ee advertising credits
at one of our top advertising sites. Your choice
of CAD or Croc Ads or FAD or TAD
Value is 297.00 so get those submissions in
by midnight tonight and who knows, you may
be the lucky winner.

We will advise the winner on how to collect
the credits at the site of their choosing
after the votes are in.



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