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Article: Does your life look like the way you wanted it?

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One of the most significant reasons why your life looks the way it does at this time is you were not explicit enough. Thought you'd never need to hear that again, right? And so we got a version of what we wanted, but it was not the entire version. See, we spend lots of time looking at what we do not desire, but little being very particular about what we do need.

Well, I don't know about you but I cannot read minds and neither can the Universe/God. If you give a general description about what you want, then that is what you get, something fitting that general outline. Another excuse your lives are the way that they are is often because we forget the dreams we put into creation.

Ever see somebody needing a red car but not announcing 'I wish to have a red car that runs smoothly and is trustworthy'? Well then they get the red vehicle, but it breaks down each day and they assert 'This isn't what I wanted!' Or somebody with a partner, they wanted this person at one time. But now it's more like 'This isn't what I wanted!' Perhaps they didn't remember to ask for someone that was trustworthy, or for someone that had the same values as they did.

I do not want to be broke any more, I would like to have more money! News flash: a penny is extra cash. So when the Universe sent you that one penny laying on the floor it satisfied your wishes. 'That's not what I meant' you are saying. Well, you never said how much. So perhaps you did not know how much you wanted, or perhaps you did not need to decide because if you did, you may not get as much as you might get, right?

What about the job you have that you dislike? Did you bother describing that you wanted  coworkers and a supervisor that you can get along and work well with? Nope, you didn't because you do not truly believe you've got any real control over your desires.

Another scenario is, you keep changing your decision. How often have you rethought your opinion in the last hour, or the last year? We change our minds all of the time, consistently rearranging and changing and readjusting the concept, and so when your desire finally gets here it's nearly unrecognizable. Make up your mind and stick with it. There is an old proverb that says, "A person at odds with himself cannot accomplish anything worthwhile."

So now you know exactly how to get literally ANYTHING you want in life. Be as specific and detailed as necessary, make up your mind and you will accomplish it.


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