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Today Google+ opens its doors to the general public (not just the tech beta users) the gloves are off and the war is now officially on!

grab your free mastering google+tipsWith the official opening of Google+ to the general public, this earmarks Google’s 100th feature release over the past 12 months. Google is taking this very seriously; they are building their own universe – “Googleverse”.

Facebook has implemented a number of updates to combat the live launch of Google+ however; as we have seen in the past, when Facebook makes changes, there are plenty of Facebook users that don’t adapt to well to change. One of the changes to the Facebook Fan Pages comes into effect Sept 30th. Facebook will discontinue support to their notes application where auto posting from your website was previously possible through the use of an RSS feed subscription:

“Changes to How You Share Content on Your Page We want you to connect with your fans in the most effective ways possible. That’s why as of September 30th you’ll no longer be able to automatically import posts from your website to your page notes. The best way to get people to interact with your content is to give them insight into the links you share on your Wall by adding personal comments and responding to feedback from fans. We’re focused on creating even better tools for pages – look for announcements soon.”

One of the most visible changes to Facebook is their redesigned News Feed. This modification seems to be a knee jerk reaction to combat Google+’s Feed implementation which has sparked many negative comments such as:

  • “ah… where did Facebook go?…”
  • “Dear Facebook… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
  • facebook sucks, Lets go skiing!!!”
Will these changes naturally cause attrition from Facebook to Google+ now that there is a viable alternative to Facebook?

I would think the Google Executives have a semi perma-grin on their faces today while monitoring their impact… big news means big waves; this is the beginning of the Google+ Tsunami!

BTW: We are waiting to see what additional new tools Facebook will be implementing and reporting back on how they could be used to support our Article Marketing efforts . (Check out Article Marketing Course in right Side Bar)

Now more about Mastering Google+…

Google+ is rich in features and can sometimes overwhelm its users especially if those users are coming over from Facebook to use this service. As we know, more isn’t always better especially when you consider that Facebook was able to capture such diverse demographics from children to Grandparents.

Is Mastering Google+ too tech savvy in relation to these demographics? One of Google+ coolest features that will definitely gain popularity is Hangouts.

Hangouts is a tool that anyone would have a purpose to use. Hangouts is a “Go To Meeting meets Justin.tv meets Social Media” hybrid application that has real legs to stand on.

Imagine being able to educate your non techie family member on how to use a certain software programs over the internet from the comfort of your own home… what about a group of friends just “Hanging out” chatting with real-time audio & video … The Hangout service includes:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Collaborative Drawing
  • Topic Hangouts
  • Android Smartphones can host hangouts (another + for Google Android)
As it relates to the newly released search function from within Google+, it allows you to search three sources all at once:
  • people on Google+,
  • posts on Google+,
  • and relevant content from around the web.
You can see the importance for Internet Marketers to be on top of this new form of media. We will be focusing many of our up & coming blog posts on this very topic! Q: Will Social Media be the biggest loser in this fight or will we adapt, adopt and support only our favorite “social network” moving forward? I know where I would put my money if I was mastering Google+, how about you?

Download your "Ten Tips For Mastering Google+" here...

Regards, Mark


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