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* New* Timing and Positioning are everything Go Now
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* New* Timing and Positioning are everything Go Now


Timing is Everything
Get Positioned Now!!!!

You can get in early right now.

You still have time. Join fr*ee here right now

On Saturday,24 One of my favorite sites is kicking
it up a notch and you want to be there when
they do.


RR is an advertising site with a mailer.
It pays you 2% on your mon*ey daily without
your  doing a thing and it provides you with
really good advertsing

Now the guys at RR are kicking it up a notch.
RR Turbo is Coming this Thursday and
you get positioned under me right now fr*ee.

You will be able to enter a fast moving
1 by 2 matrix and you can get positioned
now by signing up fr*ee here.


For this part Timing and positioning are
everything and getting in under me couldn't

You'll earn 20 bucks back when two
people join under you and 10 bucks whenever
one of your personal downlines cycle

A 50% matching bonus.

You can purchase mulitple positions which
means higher ea*rning for you

This is a great site that is grounded in
advertising and now is adding a matrix
cyler which is always fun and lucrative

So here's what you need to do

Get position now while it is early

Join here

Then take your RR link out for a ride
and get some people signed up under you
They will follow you into the matrix when
that launches on Saturday.

Then on the 22nd, get ready to rock and
roll in the new 1 by 2 matrix.

RR is kicking it up a notch and you want to
be there when they do.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: You can bet your bananas there will be
a Sokule bonus waiting for you when we
all kick it up a notch on Sept 22nd.


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