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My high days since I joined last year:
October 12, 2010:  $3,770
February 9, 2011:  $3,370
February 26, 2011: $2,885
March 14, 2011:  $2,482

I've raked in cash daily, nearly every day since I joined in June 2010!  Plus some days of multi $1,000's since I joined last  year.

My income total is $76,358 since I joined last year in the summer of 2010.


Plus I have a potential of $581,507 that can pour in at any time from the current members I already have signed up!

Every day you don't join is a day you're losing big money:

Take a look at the income potential, you may not have seen
details like this before, I hope it gives you motivation to

Here's what happens when you advertise daily, putting your focus on this business, and follow up with your tour-takers and encourage your Resellers:

I have had a total of 349 Level 1 payliners in EZ Wealth Solution,
those are a combined group of my personally referred Resellers
and also payliners brought in by people under me.
I already passed one up to my sponsor. Each of these Level 1
entries is worth $47.

I have 214 on Level 2, already passed two up to my sponsor, so I
raked in 214 payments of $97 for a total of $20,758 just from
Level 2 upgrades. I have 70 on Level 3, so I received 70 payments
of $247 that added up to $17,290 not including the two I passed
up to my sponsor. 18 signups on Level 4 for a total of $8,946 not
including the first 2 passed up to my sponsor. 13 signups at
Level 5 with a total of $12,961 not including the first 2 passed
up to my sponsor.

==>>That's a total of $76,358 since I joined just over a year
ago! (The average yearly USA income is low $50,000's for working
a "real job"!)

*** http://ezwealthsolution.com/?kcvan2011

LOOK AT THIS, if I do nothing else...

MY FUTURE POTENTIAL from the payliners I currenty have:

When the 135 people on Level 1 who are not on #2 yet upgrade to
Level 2 at $97 each, that will amount to $13,095 in Level 2

When the 279 people on Level 1 who are not on #3 yet upgrade to
Level 3 at $247 each, that will amount to $68,913 in Level 3

When the 331 people on Level 1 who are not on #4 yet upgrade to
Level 4 at $497 each, that will amount to 164,507 Dollars in
Level 4 commissions.

When the 336 people on Level 1 who are not on #5 yet upgrade to
Level 5 at $997 each, that will amount to 334,992 Dollars in
Level 5 commissions.

==>>That's a future potential of 581,507 Dollars in addition to
the $76,358 I've already brought in, plus the $3,723 I passed up
to my sponsor. That potential of nearly $574 Thousand would be just if my
CURRENT Level 1 downliners upgraded to Levels 2 thru 5, that
doesn't even include the 2-up infinity payliners they could bring
in under them in Levels 2 thru 5, and doesn't yet include the
new members who join me DAILY!

Join TODAY at the highest levels you can afford and I'll advise you on how to get signups, if you approach this like a job, it can pay you much higher than a job in a a short time daily, definitely not 8 hours.

So you see how getting signups for Level 1 can eventually add up to a huge income, because people DO upgrade EVERY DAY.

The products in EZ Wealth Solution are 700 digital & software products, created by lots of successful marketers, including Ewen Chia and Liz Tomey and many more.

This is a very simple system, it IS truly EZ, and it DOES pay really BIG and pays DAILY, you can rake in SEVERAL DAILY payments into the $100's or up to the $1,000's.

Take the tour, and watch the explosive pay-plan video that shows how you can have unlimited amounts of cash pouring in every day...and most of it can be PASSIVE...into the MULTI $1,000's DAILY!

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom



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