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One Part Rum 2 Parts Gin-All Parts Ca*sh Keep 100%

What do you get when you add one part rum to
2 parts Gin?

Answer: Daily Mega Ca*sh and you keep the
100% of the take.


The other day Jim Carpenter and I did a webinar
on his new site which I call Daily Cash. You
can watch the webinar below


This is a really interesting site and here's why.

Many programs that you join, you work for peanuts.

Am I right?

You promote.
You may even pay for advertising
You put in a lot of time and energy but.. at the end
of the day, you have peanuts.

Jim came up with a solution.

I call it Daily Mega Cash because instead of
picking up peanuts, you can pick up real dough
anytime you make a sale you pick up 50 to 2500

That makes this really your own business and
you can make a full time living here.

This is a 2 up program and you can get in at an
affordable level which is a 10.00 per month admin
fee plus a on time 50 package payment so...

For a total of 60 bucks you can start your own
online business.

What is a 2 up business?

It means that you recruit 2 people.
Those two sales get passed up to your upline and
from the 3rd sale on, you keep 100% of the sales.

Except there is a way around this.
Keep Reading

You actually add your paypal, alertpay or
address to be paid once you make 2 sales
and then you are good to go and you get
paid directly.

No Middle Man.
It's just you and your dough.

People can buy packages of 50.00 100,300 all
the way up to 2495.00 and after your 2 sales
at each level, you keep 100% of the sales.

Exept there is a way around this.
Keep reading

That is a really easy business to start and to
build on and after just 2 sales, all the rest
of the sales belong to you.

That's smooth as rum.

But...here's the Gin part

Suppose you cannot recruit or don't think you
can recruit people on all levels and you want
to get qualified at all levels quickly?

Qualified means you collect the payments
No passing them up to anyone. They are
yours from Day 1.

Jim set up a special package which we discussed
at the webinar last week where you can pay one
time and you are qualified at all levels. The
only thing you pay after that is the 10.00
per month admin fee.


It is called the optimum Business package.

That means that from the first day and the first
sale you make to anyone at any level, you keep
100% of the sales. You don't pass the sales
up to anyone.

I really like that.
In fact I just bought that one today.

This package is not for everyone but if you
can swing it, you have a real gold mind here
because you keep all the sales from day 1

The lowest sale is 50 bucks and it goes
up from there with packages ranging from
50 to 2495 and everywhere in between.

And the gin part gets better yet.

No matter what package you buy, you get resale
right to all of the products in that package.

This means that while you are recruiting people
to buy the packages, you can take any of the
products you like in the packages that you
bought and sell them seperately and ea*rn that
way as well.

This is a complete business in a box and you
can make one heck of an income from it.

Why work for peanuts when you can put your
energy into a real online business that
actually pays.

Instead of spending your time working for
peanuts, you can actually make some real dough.

So here is what I suggest you do

Sign up here

Pay the admin fee of 10 bucks so you can become a
reseller for the site.

Go over the packages that are available and get in
at the highest level you can afford. The package
purchases are a one time purchase so you can
buy into any level at any time you like and
those are where the resale right are.


Before you buy anything take a very serious
look at the Optimum Business Package because that
will get you qualified at all levels and you then
keep 100% of the sales from day 1 which is a really
good deal.

It may seem like a big nut to crack at first but after
Jim's webinar the other day, I decided that that was the
way to go. The investment is well worth it so that you
make the sales from day 1.

This is your own business. You run it and you own
it and that is the name of the game on the net.

This site is one part rum and 2 parts gin and you
can gin up your sales starting today.


Go get um

PS: The Optimum Business Package comes with 17.5
million sokens and you will find them waiting for
you in the members area of Daily Mega Ca*sh.
That is a value of 22,225 which is 10 times what
you will pay for the optimum business package.

The smaller buys also come with sokens at Sokule
and you will find them in the members area.

PPS: Get to know the site. Here is the recording
of the video that Jim and I did the other day
so you can get to know all about the site. I call
it the Jim and Jane show.

Jim spends a lot of time explaining the payplan
which is great because I get lost with those
things although this one is pretty easy once
you see it.

I give a quick demo of how to promote this site on Sokule.
It's Well worth watching both parts.








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