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I will Pay Your Way for a Year...Interested?
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I will Pay Your Way for a Year...Interested?

I am hyped
I am Gobsmacked
That means I really like this new site I am working with
working with.


I call it Dail Ca*sh and that is exactly what it is.
It is a site where you keep 100% of the profits
They are paid directly to you.

And you can sell two things at the site.

You can sell the packages which are packages of resell
rights and you can sell the products themselves in
the packages.

I like that. It is complete business and you can
make dough from both the payplan and the products

That is a complete business for you and one that
you actually own yourself.


You can read about the site, join it for free and
see what level you want to come in at but here
is my offer.

There is an admin fee of 10 per month. Everyone
pays that unless you can get me to pay it for

I will pay for a full year of your admin fee.

And yes there is a catch.

I want you to take advanatage of the Optimum
Buinsess Package in the members area. You can
read about it as soon as you join or watch our
webinar here.


When you purchase the optimum Business package,
you pay once and you are immediately qualified to
collect everything that comes into the site from day 1.

The other packages are great and cost a lot less
money but you do have to pass 2 people up to
your sponsor before you start earning.

The Optimum Business Packages lets you start your
own business from day 1.

So this special offer is for those who signs up here:


And then follows these instructions

The payment for the Optimum Business Package is
2495.00 one time.

Send you payment for the Optimum Business Package to:

To my alertpay at jpethanks@yahoo.com


To my paypal at jammarketinginc@gmail.com


By mail made out to Jam Marketing Inc
736 Broadway 4th floor
New York, NY 10003

Once I receive your payment, I will send
Jim Carpenter, the owner of the program
the full years admin fee for you and he will
make your reseller account active for a year
at the highest level.

Once I receive your payment, I go into my
members area and confirm that for you and
then you are good to go as a fully qualified
Daily Mega Ca*sh member ready to go out
and ea*rn every penny from all the levels
at the site.

This can produce a huge income for you and
the investment can return itself over and
over again with no other cost to you as
I am picking up the first year's admin
fee for you.

There are six other levels you can come in at:
And if you cannot swing the Optimum Business
Package, you can choose one of there.

50 100 250 500 1000 1500

You are welcome to come in at level you are
comfortable with  but then you will have to
pay the monthly admin fee first and then
send your payment to me for the other
levels that you wish to come in at.

This is a site well worth getting involved with
for the long haul.You can make a real living
online here and those are the kind of sites
I like to recommend to you.

This becomes your own business and you can
keep 100% of the sales.

All you need is an alertpay, paypal account
or an address for mailing anywhere in the

Lets recap:

Sign up here fr*ee

WAtch the video in the members area or the one above
to get to know how the payplan works and the
products you will be selling.

Pay your admin fee if you are coming in at the
50, 100 250 500 1000 or 1500 level by going
to the upgrade button.

If you choose the Optimum Business Package, I
will get your payment and send in your admin
fee for you and contact you to let you know
that has been done.

Then Jim will confirm all your levels for you
and you will be good to go with your own
Daily Mega Ca*sh business and you will keep all
the sales from day 1.

This is a good way to go on the net if you are
interested in ea*rning a real living online.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: All levels you purchase comes with sokens
at Sokule but the Optimum Business Package
comes with 17.5 million sokens with a value
of 22,225 so you cannot really miss here.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, Join
us right here:





Jane Mark runs a professional online advertising agency and has been doing that for 12 years online. She is always interested in finding business opportunties for people who want to earn a living online

->   http://sokule.com

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