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3 New Discoveries About Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment

This is my view on what

“spiritual enlightenment”

is, and how it hasdeveloped

from cave-man-times until



The way I see it is like this. I start with the perspective of an animal in the wild. Take for example a deer living in a forest. Let’s go with the assumption that the deer, for all intents and purposes, does not perceive itself as separate from its environment. That is to say that everything he needs from birth to death is provided in the environment of the forest without him having to take any actions other than following his natural instinct.  


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He doesn’t have to do anything per se, other than just be. A deer in the woods does not need fire to prevent himself from freezing to death in the winter or does not need to create any type of shelter to protect himself from the elements.

The deer is born, follows its nose to find the berries it eats for food, and uses his nose to do the best he can to avoid getting eaten by the mountain lions in the area. In the autumn he gets all riled up with hormones and mates with a female to produce offspring in the following season.


The deer reacts. In my opinion, he doesn’t think in the way you and I think about thinking. If he is hungry, he follows his nose. If he smells in the wind the scent of a mountain lion, he runs the other way. When his hormones erupt in the fall, he seeks out a female and mates with her. His actions are driven solely by the environment. The female doesn’t have to do anything to provide for her offspring other than allow her newborns to fill themselves with her milk.

Now, on to humans. In my opinion, as man evolved from a state similar to that of the deer, of living by instinct alone, to one where he was forced to take other actions to survive, such as building shelter to protect himself from the elements, and gathering and storing food, what happened is that man developed what we now characterize as the ego. This is, in my opinion where man developed a sense of himself as separate from his environment. Man, due to many reasons, some of which may have been the increase of his brain size, and his lack of fur, meaning that he would die if left out in the cold in winter; these things caused a need within the human species to take actions, to make decisions and solve problems.


These needs to create shelter and gather and store food, created in man a sense that he was separate from his environment. This sense of separation allowed him to solve the problems of where to get supplies to build shelter, and how to create ways to store and preserve food.


During this phase man had the belief that the world was flat. It seemed obvious to him from his experience that the world was in fact flat, the desert and the plains were flat for as far as he could see, so in his mind, the world must have seemed to simply be one long flat surface to him.


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In the next phase man developed civilization, but for a long period during this phase people had to work hard from sun up to sun down to provide food and shelter for themselves and their families. In this phase man no longer believed the world to be flat. As man went from believing the world to be flat to having the knowledge that the earth is in fact a sphere, we can characterize this is a raising of the level of human consciousness. He was once so sure that the world was flat, but now knew it to be round. But still in this phase man believed it was okay to own and sell other men as property, as slaves.


Now jump to the last half of the 20th Century. At this time, man had for the most part, at least in the U.S., been able to create a situation where there were grocery stores in every town and housing for the vast majority of its people. Citizens no longer had to work all day everyday to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. The average person could for the most part, work a job and with the wages from that job, provide food and shelter for oneself and one’s family.

Slavery at this time however had been outlawed around the world for many years. This can be said to be another example of the raising of human consciousness that has occurred in the past, will continue to occur, and is in fact occurring at this very moment. We’re not able to perceive this ongoing raising of human consciousness however, because we are so close to it, in the same way we cannot see the growth-change in an infant from day to day. It’s only when we haven’t seen our niece or nephew for a few months that we notice the spurt in growth, and only when we look back over history with some time between it and us, that we are able to flesh out instances where we can definitively say that human consciousness is in fact HIGHER than it was at previous point.


Now, during this time in the late 20th century, people had so much free time on their hands, they looked for ways to fill this newly available leisure time to try and relax and unwind. To do this they did wide variety of things such as watching or playing sports, watching movies, shopping, dancing, following celebrities, drink alcohol and smoke marijuana or having sex.

These things, while they certainly provided entertaining and often physically pleasurable diversions from one’s daily stresses and troubles, did not in and of themselves for the most part provide relief, long term satisfaction, or inner contentment.


So what happened is that people begin turning in great numbers to ideas from the East; India, Tibet, and China, and are looked to practices to try and achieve a sense of peace of mind, lasting inner contentment and serenity. Evidence for this can be seen all around us in the thousands upon thousands of yoga studios that have opened up in the last twenty years, the profusion of meditation classes offered all over the place, the abundance of scientific and medical research funded by government into the medical benefits of mediation, and the efforts of society to move towards recycling, taking care of the earth, and living a greener, less-processed life.

Human consciousness is continuing to rise.



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So what is happening is that now that our basic needs of food and shelter are for the most part met in the same way they are for the deer in the forest, as a culture, many of us have begun to seek something higher, a higher meaning or purpose to our lives.


People turn to yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. What’s happened is that as Western scientific researchers have investigated monks from the East that have a practiced meditating for a minimum of two hours a day for 10-15 years in a row, scientists have discovered that when one is in a state of deep meditation, or in a state nearing “Enlightenment,” then certain parts of the brain are more activated and other parts of the brain that are more quiet.

What happens when you experience this deep state of meditation, is you get into a state where your sense of space goes to infinite, and your sense of time goes to zero. That is to say, you are in the Eternal Present. This “state of enlightenment” is a neuro-biological state that occurs in the brain, when you do the things necessary to allow these states to occur in your brain. Meditation, is a part of this, as is, in my opinion somatic release, or the release of body tension of the kind that we store as negative emotions that cause ulcers, stress headaches, tense shoulders and low back pain.


When the mind is clear and focused through meditation, and the body is cleared of the somatic stress and tension your brain will find it easier to get and remain in this BIOLOGICAL state that has been defined -- as Enlightenment.

The process of becoming “Enlightened” is a clearing away of the mental and physical stresses and blocks that prevents one from being in the eternal present. It is the process of taking the steps necessary to activate the area of your brain behind the left forehead, called the pre-frontal cortex, so that you experience a sense of timelessness and infinite space. Enlightenment is a STATE OF BEING that you can achieve by determining for yourself which techniques you need to practice to remove the blocks, mental or somatic, that are preventing your brain from experiencing this state.


Enlightenment is the state where your mental and physical states are such that they are not inhibited by worldly thoughts or feelings or the memories thereof.

In conclusion, mankind has gone from this place of being one with the environment, where all of our needs were met in the environment, whereby we lived on instinct alone, to one where we had to work from sun up to sun down to provide food and shelter, to one where we had leisure time, to one where a great many people are now turning INWARD to find meaning and contentment.


So, my hypothesis is, that what is going to happen, what is in fact HAPPENNG NOW, is that we as a human race are going to CONSCIOUSLLY MERGE with the so-called “One” from which we all came... That is to say, as more and more people find their own customized path to spiritual enlightenment and embark on it and thousands and then millions of people experience these states of so-called “enlightenment,” we will once again BE ONE WITH OUR ENVIRONMENT, but will now do it in a fully awake and CONSCIOUSE way, as opposed to the deer who IS one with his environment, but is not conscious or aware of it.


This is the process of evolution itself. Mankind going from a state of being one with the environment, but unconscious of it, to perceiving himself as SEPARATE from his environment to CONSCIUOSLY MERGING back to EXPERIENCEING HIMSELF AS ONE WITH HIS ENVIRONMENT, as so many of the yogis of the East talk about.



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Who Am I? I am a spiritual teacher because that is what I love doing more than anything else. My goal in life since I was 18 years old has been: “To help Raise the Consciousness of the Human Race.”

I worked in the White House for Bill Clinton and starred in a film with the actor Robert Downey Jr. (The Last Party 1992).  I founded “The Serenity Path.com” to allow people like you to create a Customized, Personalized Path to Spiritual Enlightenment.


“The Serenity Path.com” was born out of my frustration with so many different spiritual teachers telling me that only THEIR path was the only true and correct way. Of course I knew that was wrong. I stumbled around for years before I finally created through much trial and error a customized, comfortable, and solid practice for my personal journey towards spiritual enlightenment. I’ve put all the methods and tools I researched and studied, including the ones that didn’t work for me, into one simplified place. Now you can now avoid the frustration I experienced and create your own customized path to lasting and permanent inner contentment and serenity. Many of these techniques did not work for me because my nature, personality, and learning style. If you decide to take a look into creating your own customized Serenity Path you’ll see that not all of the methods, tools and practices are right for you, but you will find a simple, comfortable combination that fits PERFECTLY with YOUR lifestyle, learning style, and weekly schedule.


FINALLY: I once thought that my place in life was to actually RAISE the consciousness of the human race, but have discovered, as I mentioned before, that human consciousness has, and is continuing to rise on its own without any need or help from me :-) My place I now see in a crystal clear way, is only to do my best to express the highest truths I see, so that others may hopefully benefit from them. I see myself now in some ways like a ladybug sitting on the petal of a blooming flower. As human consciousness continues to rise, I, and we all, rise with it. I ‘m just playing out what seems to me MY life’s purpose and MY evolutionary role as being a COMMUNICATOR of these ideas of this process that we are now able to BE AWARE of this raising of consciousness AS IT ACTUALY OCCURS. That is, the ever so slow march forward of evolution, and the micro-mini increases in human consciousness that occur each moment, day, week, decade, and century. Consciousness continues to rise on its own, and I see my place as merely being a part of this process of human evolution using the sum of all the thoughts and history of mankind before me to flow part-wise into my brain, and hope that I can regurgitate them back to you with some added value in a way that can be of benefit to you and humankind in general.


In Love and Peace,





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