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Clean, Green, Renewable, Affordable, Deregulated Electricity

Have you ever thought about being in the 


Deregulated Energy is a $500 billion Industry and it is the future for Network Marketers! The Growth Potential & MASSIVE Income Potential is huge! Deregulation allows companies to bid for the lowest princes on the market and bring electricity to your customers at a lower price. 

Perfect for small business leaders, the perfect business for women, entrepreneurs, women in business, stay at home moms, or any self-starter who is looking for top positions in a young industry.


So.... Think About This: 


1. Every Person You Know Uses Everyday 
2. Costs your Customer NOTHING to sign-up 
3. And NOTHING to Cancel 
4. Sends 5% Cash Back Year after Year for 20% Green                               

5. Sends you 10% Cash Back Year after Year for 100% Green                        6. Change is Invisible in every way except - It reduces your customer's electricity expenses                                                                               

7.  Should you lose your job - we will pay your electric bill for 3 months or $300.00 


It is all happening right now!! This is the beginning of the deregulated Electricity business, and you can be in it at the TOP! That is what I call a DEREGULATED RIGHT TIME!


It's happeneing in IL, NY, NJ, PA, CT and coming soon to TX, MA, & CA!  23 states in all being added all the time!

 Our State Rates! 

Independence Energy Alliance will be the powerhouse in Network Marketing for Clean, Green Renewable Deregulated Energy. We are the only network marketers in this industry backed by a $9 Billion Company (NRG) - the 5th largest Deregulated Green Energy Company in the world! That is DEREGULATED POWER! Nina Spelman

->   http://greenenergyindependencealliance.blogspot.com/

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