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Entrepreneurs Just Know a Good Thing!


Independence Energy is deeply committed to the belief that you have the right to be prosperous and to live the life you have imagined. So we have designed an income opportunity that serves as a vehicle for you to exercise these rights and live life brilliantly.

With the deregulation of the energy industry, consumers now enjoy the freedom to choose their energy provider – much like they choose their long distance company. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, prices go down, quality improves and in the end, the consumer wins.

As part of the Independence Energy Alliance, you have the opportunity to build a business around the most exciting shift in the distribution of a consumer product that this nation has ever seen. It’s a historic opportunity for Independence Energy Alliance Associates to generate a richly rewarding residual income by educating, informing and inspiring others to choose a cleaner, more rewarding option for the energy they would buy anyway.

Because it’s a cleaner, affordable source of energy you will feel good about sharing the news and will find that expanding your network is as simple as it is fun. As others are inspired to do the same, the financial rewards expand and you become a part of an exponentially successful and powerful community committed to positive change.


This is just a smart business opportunity for any entrepreneur, business leader,  or self-started looking to build a solid business with good residual income that pays and pays and pays!



Independence Energy Alliance will be the powerhouse in Network Marketing for Clean, Green Renewable Deregulated Energy. We are the only network marketers in this industry backed by a $9 Billion Company (NRG) - the 5th largest Deregulated Green Energy Company in the world! That is DEREGULATED POWER! Nina Spelman

->   http://http://thegreen-independencealliance.biz

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