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Would a Share of 500K Help Right Now?
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Would a Share of 500K Help Right Now?


Yesterday, I had a really interesting conversation
with David Ruebush, one of the owners of ag Village.

Sokule just partnered with Tag Village
in a really Kule Way.


Why did we partner with Tag Village?

Our sites are "sympatico" as they say.

They do things at tag village that are right
in line with what we do at Sokule and KuleSearch
and at some point down the line when TAg Village
adds their Social Media platform, it will
become a posting site at Sokule.

And there are 500,000 other reasons as well.

Tomorrow, Oct 1st, you can get into
a very unique position to win 500K or
any part of it.

TagVillage is having a 500,000 contest
and no one can really match that on the net.

I am serious and this is a really serious
amount of dough for you to go after.

I am talking about 500K real dough, real
ca*sh in your pocket.

Not only can anyone win it but, in the process,
you will have a great deal of fun.

Once you join, you will see a Sokule bonus
waiting for you and today I will double it
to get you ready to plunge into tomorrows
500K contest. (see double up below)

You will find that bonus right up at
the top of the left hand members area
at Tag Village where it says "Get"

At Tag Village,You can buy tags or keywords
and those buys puts you into that 500K contest starting tomorrow.

So here is what you want to do to get involved
today and get set up.

Sign up here


Fund you account with 50 or 100 bucks so
you can get your hands on the Sokule bonus.
Play around and buy a few keywords today
but hold your fire...

Hold your fire until tomorrow, Oct 1 and
then start buying up tags fast and furiously.

You can buy a whole lot of tags for 50 or
100 bucks and that will start you on your
way to a 500K contest win.

You gotta  be in it to win it so get in today
Start your 500K journey tomorrow.

Have Fun. I know I will be and I want you
right there by my side.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Double up Today

When you sign up under my Tag Village link today


and fund your account with 50 or 100 bucks, you
can double your Sokule bonus.

Here's how

send me your full name, your payment receipt
to tagvillage dated today for 50 or 100 bucks
and your sokule username to:


If you are not a Sokule member, join us right


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to land in your Sokule account.


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