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100,000 FREE $$$$$: Want Some? Here's HOW:

Everyone knows lottery tickets cost $1 each, right?

I'm celebrating UNLIMITED, most likely well over 100,000 FREE tickets in 42-state Powerball and Florida Lotto because I've been in Lotto Magic for nearly 5 years, with a large downline, and my 18 monthly tickets plus all the tickets played for all my downliners, 9 to 18 tickets per month for each of them, have been free for me since my first month. I get at least 10% of the winnings from ALL those tickets!

Lotto Magic will soon be celebrating it's 16th year in business worldwide.

This is NOT "online gambling", we're playing in OFFLINE real USA lotteries. Florida Lotto and 42-state Powerball. (Florida lottery revenue pumped over $1.4 Billion into education last year in 2010!)

This is NOT an "online only" business, it was completely offline for it's first 9 years, and all printed sales materials for Lotto Magic have always been in full compliance with the laws of the United States Post Office.

Lotto Magic does NOT sell lottery software and never did. It's a benefits club, and one of the benefits is playing 2 real USA lotteries, twice per week. The other benefits are: discounts on online shopping, discounts on hotel stays in dozens of resort destinations in North America, including Hawaii and Cancun and Banff, also discounts on airline tickets, car rentals, Norwegian Cruise Lines, amusement parks, theater shows, and many other products/services.

Lotto Magic has had a longterm A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I've received 57 monthly consecutive paychecks since Feb. 2007, the month after I joined, and since then, all my lottery plays have been free for me. It only takes 2 referrals to make your lottery plays FREE, and your third referral will generate a paycheck. We really DO get paid MLM commissions every month even if we don't win. We really DO get at least 10% of all winnings from each winner 5 levels below us, even if there are hundreds or thousands in our group.

The ticket-holder gets 50% of the prize, and the other half is divided 10% to the 5 people above. If someone within 5 levels below you wins anything, 10% of that will come up to you, and that could be from dozens or hundreds of winning tickets per month, unlimited, from any and all downliners within 5 levels below you.

This is NOT a ponzi because there are also joining options that are not MLM based, you can join just for the benefits of the lottery plays and the discounts on other goods/services.

Lotto Magic sends tax-form 1099 to all USA members who earn over $600 within the calendar year.

Here's my July 2009 commission report of when I received over $500 as 10% of a 2nd level downliner's win of over $5,000. That was completely FREE and PASSIVE income for me, I've never met the person, and there were over 100 people in my downline, but our winnings were not divided by all those people, we always get at least 10% from our downliners wins, every time. The company does NOT keep ANY of the lottery winnings from members.


Lotto Magic has been located at the same address in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, for it's entire time in business, with the same administration (Richard Moore) and same business name for the entire 15 years & 9 months in business.


I'll send you dozens of free high-traffic ad sources when you join as a Team Captain or Power Captain, thanks & have a great weekend!
Sincerely, Kathleen


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