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All Eyes...All Ears Jane's Sunday Sermon
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All Eyes...All Ears Jane's Sunday Sermon

You Know the famous John Dunne poem...

It starts...

"No Man is an Island"

I was thinking about that today and how
important people we have met along the
way have been to the development of Sokule.

Sokule started as a gleam in my partner,
Phil Basten's, eye about 2 years ago.

Phil wanted to solve a very simple problem.

The problem?

How to get around email which so often
gets blocked now by so many isps.

We investigated developing special software
that would cost hundreds of thousands of
dollars and would end up looking like
Google or Yahoo but never have to go past
an isp and could never be blocked.

We started down that path investing mucho
bucks in a pro type and then...and then...

Twitter came on the scene and we knew that
they had successfully solved one of our
main problems-instant communication with
no blocking.

The Gleam in Phil's eye became a broad smile:)

So We went to the Twitter Experts with our idea.

It was a simple one.

Build a site that looked and acted a lot
like Twitter but was specifically designed
for the Business community.

We worked with Twitter experts, Ron Davies,
Susan Preston and David Preston.

Their help started us down a path leading
to the Sokule you saw of 5 months ago
when we launched.

Back then we liked to say that:

"Sokule islike Twitter but monetized"

If you said that to anyone 6 months ago
they would have said huh?

Now we are known as one of the "start ups"

I prefer to think of us as those upstarts:)

We have been written up by Investors Business Daily.


We are on our way to take our place as
panelists among 9 other well know other
Start ups in whose company we are humbled
and honored to be present.


We will be unveiling a revolutionary part
of Sokule in March that will make even
the big guns say:
Why Didn't I think of that?"

Amazing what six months can do.


Much of the way Sokule has developed
comes straight from ideas that our members
send to us.

We read them all.

It was Frank Sousa, one of dearest friends
on the net, who put Sokule in his famous
Traffic Geyser giving it immediate exposure.

It was Willie C who saw the potential of
Sokule and graciously had us on his
radio show.

It was Ken McArthur that pointed out to us
that our posting box was hard to find and
we needed to move it and move it we did.

It was Jaye Pause, one of our founders, who
gave us the idea of the Sokule Stars.

Another one of our founders gave us the idea
to make our founder link clickable making
it easier to make founder sales.

Many of our members have contributed to
the Sokule Lingo page.

Making our advertising tools change to
become member affiliate links came from
members sending in this request.

Next week you will get to know more about
a fabulous idea that one of our partners,
has put in place and that we think you love.
Mum's the word until next week.

Mike G, our friend and mentor, has prepped
us for our March appearance with the big

"No Man is an Island."

We could not have brought Sokule to the point
it is now without our members lending a hand
and we really appreciate that more then you

Much of what you see in Sokule today and
things that are coming at you in the future
came directly from our members.

When you speak. We listen.

All Eyes. All Ears Jane's Sunday Sermon

Today we would like to call on your expertise
and your gut feelings.

Phil has developed a new sales page for
Sokule  and a short survey to go with it.

We would like to you put your eyes on
the new sales page- a draft of which is here


And then we are all ears and are going to
listen to what you have to say.

Here is a survey link where you can answer
some questions about this proposed new
sales page


We would really appreciate your taking
a few minutes of your time today to look
at the new sales page and then fill out
this very short survey which will help
us refine it and pick up things we have
missed. For the firest twenty responses
we receive, 100,000 Sokens are on the line
see below.

Let us know what you think.
Do you love it?
Do you hate it?
Do you have changes you would like to see?

Take a look at it here

See what you like and what you don't like
and send us your feedback through this
survey link


It will just take a few minutes of your time.

The better and more convincing the sales page
is, the more sign ups and sales go into
your pocket.

Sokule is working to make this site the
premier site for Business on the net and
your help is appreciated.

You be our eyes
We will be all ears.

Thanks so much.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS For the first 20 that get this survey
back to us, 100,000 Sokens will land in
your Sokule account within the next
48 hours so get going now. You must answer
all the questions. There are only 6 but you
must answer all 6 to receive these Sokens
Be sure to put your Sokule username in the
survey form at the top so we know where to
add the Sokens.

Not yet a member of Sokule?
sign up here at our current sales page

PPS You want to make sure that you are a member
of Kule Track because of something that will
take place at sokule next week.

Kule Track lets you get Sokule and Twitter
followers fast at the same time and next
week...well I can't tell you what is happening
next week but you will want to be there when
it does



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