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How to Improve Your Twitter Accounts Marketing by Unfollowing Members.

This article covers an area related to effective marketing and promotion using a Twitter strategy used by social media experts.

You may not be aware that unfollowing users in Twitter is one of the best ways to increase followers but doing it aggressively might result in your account getting suspended. This will instantly waste your efforts.

For newly created accounts, only follow 100-250 per day until reaching 700 followers.

If you want to follow on the 1st day, just follow around 30-70.

After 700 followers, make it 300-500 a day until you reach 1000

Then 400-600 until I reach 2000.

When you have 2000 followers, try to follow 900 – 1000 a day.

Note: Twitter might show a notification about your follow limit even before reaching those numbers because of many other conditions. You cannot follow more than 2000 if you have less than 2000 followers. After reaching 2000 (not exactly 2000, I think its 1820) followers you can then have a following limit 10% more than your number of followers. Until then, you need to unfollow so you can follow more.

Unfollowing Tip

Only unfollow users who don’t follow you back after 2 days and don’t protect mutual followers most of the time so you can follow more people every day.

The idea here is to optimize your use of social media and networking effectively over the long run of your advertising efforts

Dennis Wile owns a blog called ezine-money.com which contains many articles about social media and internet marketing.

->   http://shortquik.com/ezine-money/sok/

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