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Meet Me At The Bar...Drinks are on Me- 1 Million
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Meet Me At The Bar...Drinks are on Me- 1 Million

Meet Me at The Bar-The QR Bar

One Million drinks are on me today.
See below.

A Fr*ee App and a Fr*ee Bar Code are on me today.

Take a look what Sokule did today

See the Kule Bar
That's a Code that...

You can...

Put on your website
Put on a tee shirt
Put on your business cards

I know where you can get one for fr*ee
and not only get a QR code for fr*ee
but get an app for fr*ee and an sms
messaging center for your ads (not fr*ee
but so cheap you cannot afford not to do this.


This is an app, sms messaging center and
for a short time you can get a bar code
with the deal if you hurry.

This is a bar code that goes to the app
you create.

If you want a bar code that goes to your
own app plus the messaging center, go here
This is really amazing technology


And Take a look at our new bar Code at
our sister site, KuleSearch.

I am so hyped about this.

Are we hip or what:)

I am off to show our new QR code to
everyone all around the world.

Meet me at the Bar, The Drinks are on Me.
The app is fr*ee. The Bar Code is Fr*ee
It comes with the message center which is
so inexpensive, it will make you smile.

And if you cannot meet me at the bar in
NY then the sokens are on me. See below

go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Anyone who signs up for thier own messaging
center, fr-ee app and fr*ee bar code today will
get a Kule Million sokens at Sokule. (Value

Here is how you collect:

Sign up here

Buy your own message and app and QR bar code
for a one time set up fee of 39.00 plus
39.00 per month. You will not get this anywhere
else on the net. We have no competition at
this low price

One you sign up send me your Full name,
your payment receipt to ICan, and your
sokule username to:


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, sign up

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to be added to your account.


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