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Independence Energy Now Offers UnEmployment Insurance up to $300.00

Deregulated Energy is a $500 billion Industry and it is the future for Network Marketers! The Growth Potential & MASSIVE Income Potential is huge! 

IEA is the THE ONLY energy marketing company today that is backed by the 5th largest green energy producing company (NRG Energy) and will be the powerhouse in Network Marketing for Clean, Green Renewable Energy. This is the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!! 

NJ,  IL,  NY, PA & CT. Than its on to TX on April 15 and more to follow.....



This is the perfect business!!  What other business can you build that:

1.  Costs customers ZERO to SignUp 

2.  Reduces their Monthly Electric Bills

3.  Gives them 5% Cash Back Year after Year for 20% Green or 10% for 100% Green 

4.  $300 in Unemployment Protection OR 3 months 

5.  $1000 in Surge Protection!

6.   Choice of 20% Green or 100% Clean Renewable Green Energy, which of course helps the environment and reduces our dependency on fossil fuels.

7.  NOTHING TO DO BUT FILL OUT THE FORM!!  No FEES EVER and they can cancel at any time!  Takes just minutes!

8.  Any Business, Any residence in NY, NJ, IL CT & PA - TX on April 15 and then its on to CA, MA, TX, MD, RI  

Check us out - look for the state rates - they are listed - You can see the SAVINGS for yourself!

Check It Out 


Deregulation of Electricity is real and it is a winning business.  

For the young, the old and the middle of the road!

To become a customer:  Join Here!   To become an associate:  Join Here!

Questions:  thegreenia@gmail.com

Get Educated on Deregulation:  Click Here


Nina Spelman  - jkspel@ SOKULE

Independence Energy Alliance is the powerhouse in Network Marketing for Clean, Green Renewable Deregulated Energy. We are the only network marketers in this industry backed by a $9 Billion Company (NRG Energy) - the 5th largest Deregulated Green Energy Company in the world! That is DEREGULATED POWER! Nina Spelman

->   http://thegreen-independencealliance.biz

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