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Post Ping Profit... Now
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Post Ping  Profit... Now

We Post Ping and Profit

That's what we do.


At Sokule


You can post to Twitter and Facebook and
29 other Social Media sites right now.

You never have to log into any other site

1 Post 1 Click and your message is out
to hundreds of thousands of eyeballs
in a nano second.

You sit back and relax or take the rest of
the day off.

Sokule is a posting wonder.
I call him the Gentle Giant.



You can ping the weblogs with your posts
and make Google sit up and scream for mercy
You will get noticed by the search engines.
Sokule is a traffic generator on steroids
There is no other Social Media site on the
net that can do what Sokule does to wake
up the search engines

We ping 33 different weblogs and our blog
posting sites ping many others

If you are not pinging no one is noticing

Sokule makes it possible for everyone to
know your name.




Ea*rn Comm*issions and pocket that
green spendin stuff every Friday.

You introduce someone to Sokule.
They upgrade.

You just pocketed some of that Green Spendin Stuff-

We call it green Spendin Stuff. Whatever you
call it, it can add a lot to your bottom line

Sell you own products or service and build
a real business on the net.

At Sokule, you have a Business Presense on the net
Everyone will know your name.

Sokule is the hottest new Social Media site
out there on the net.

It is Built for Business.
It Means Business.

If you have a business on the net, get it
on Sokule now.


Post Ping Profit
It's what we do

You can too.



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Want to get Sokule and Twitter followers
fast and at the same time. Here is where
you go. Build Two Lists at One time.
It's where all the Kule People Hang out.



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