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Free And Low Cost Web Site Marketing (Article)

Really nothing is wholly free. If you want to invest little money into promoting your internet site, then you'll have to spend lots of time, energy and show some creativeness.

E-mail Marketing: Use your website address as your E-mail signature. As well as the address, you should also offer a short but pointed outline of the internet site. (Example: http://www.yourcareerlinks.com -Top Job search websites And Career recommendation).

Business Cards, Signs & Gifts: Print business cards saying info about your website. Vista Print (http://www.vistaprint.com) offers free business cards. When you meet folks and tell them about the site, give them cards with your web address.

It's also an excellent idea to buy cheap little magnetic signs with your site address and short description, and attach them to your vehicle. Other alternatives for an automobile ad are a customised frame for your license plate and fender sticker. Mugs, pen and other gifts with your website info are commonly used to push internet sites.

Ezines Ads: Another way to market your site is thru Ezines. Ezine is E-mail newsletter. Some Ezines have 1000s of customers while others have only 100s. Typically Ezine advertisements are cheap. Find Ezines with content like your internet site and discover how much it costs to put an advert. You'll be able to find Ezines by typing 'Ezine Directory' in any search engine.

One major mistake that many web pros make is to go to message boards and just drop messages with your site address. Instead, you need to find BBs and bulletin boards with similar interests, introduce yourself, take part in dialogue, and then mention your site. This way you will show real interest and get familiar with potential visitors to your internet site.

Getting visitors to your website is only part of success. People won't stay long and won't come back if there is not any good quality content which is updated frequently. I do not care what your website is about, it must have articles or helpful recent info. If you sell shoes on your internet site, write an article on how to select shoes. In case your website is about fighting, write about fighters or fights. Content could make or break your internet site. If folk like your content, they may well suggest it to others, and you'll get many extra visitors.



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