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People are Talking
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People are Talking

Do you know if anyone is talking about you
at Sokule and at Twitter?

Do you know if your name or your site is
being mentioned at Sokule and at Twitter?

Do you know how many times a day your site is
being mentioned at Sokule or Twitter?

Do you know who is mentioning it and why?

Are you getting good press or not so hot

Do you know what your competition is doing?

These are things you should know if you run
a business online.

You can do a heck of a lot of research about
what's hot and what's not on the net just
by using our new Keyword Alert function
at Sokule.


Sokule is the only place where you can
monitor keywords at both Sokule and Twitter
at the same time.

You just pop in up to ten keywords or keyword
phrases and every day two things will happen:

1) You will get an email notice that gives
you a digest of exactly who has mentioned
your Keyword at Sokule and at Twitter.

2) You wil get a summary in your Keyword Alert
box in the members area of how many times
your Keywords words were mentioned

And *New Today*...

You will also get a copy of the email we
send you daily in your keyword alert box
in the members area, just in case you missed
it in your email.

We know how tough it is to get emails through
with all the isp blocks so now you will see
your email right in your Keyword Alert box.


Sokule, The Gentle Giant, is always creating
some magic for you.


Start monitoring your sites, your name,
your competition, your interests and see
who is mentioning them on Sokule and on

Try It.
You'll like it.

In fact, I would say it's addictive so watch out:)

People are talking.
Do you know who or what they are saying?

You can by just using a simple Keyword Alert system
at Sokule.


Keywords are Kule and they hold the key to
the Kingdom on the net.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS And speaking of Kule...

You can now add your affiliate link for our
feeder site to Sokule called Kule Track and
you can add the Kule Track logo to your postit

Take a look.
I put it on my postit page right here

I just went to the box in the members area
that says Partner ids. I popped my affiliate
link in for Kule Track. I check the box that
says "Show Kuletrack" and bingo the logo
is on my postit page. Magic!

Kule Track gets you trackers at Sokule and
followers at Twitter at the same time. It
is a fast and easy way to grow your two lists
at the same time.

I use it everyday.
I track everyone offering Kule Coins at
Kule Track
I follow everyone offering Kule Coins for
I feature my Sokule and Twitter link at
Kule Track every day
I have text ads running at Kule Track


This is about the cheapest list building
and advertising site you can join. It's
free to join and it is a great way to build
lists fast.

There is a one time upgrade fee which gets
you lots of Kule Coins to attrack followers
with and gets you two free text ads which
get read because people can ea*rn Kule Coins
by reading them.

For toay and tomorrow only we are giving
double Kule Coins to members who sign up
and upgrade. You will get a whopping
300,000 Kule Coins when you join as a Gold
member. That will "buy" you a lot of trackers
and followers.

Kule Track is where all the Kule People on
the net hang out.




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